Although this is where you can find the newest images, the best images, and all of those that are for sale as archival prints ... my photos are spread out in a few other places as well:

PhotoDude Labs: Photos & Archival PrintsPhotoDude Labs: Photos and Archival Prints

Since 1997, an awful lot of photos have been put on this site. This is an attempt to present the best, and at least link the rest. In the left column below, there's the three latest added, and in the middle, six random images from the print store. On the right side, you'll find four selected archival prints that are on sale now. In addition, to your immediate right is a collection of links to my various other photo collections.
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Six Random

Simply Stamen
Healing Flowers 6
Grand Canyon 1
Dogwood Blossoms 5
Slinky 5
Lake Critter 2

Three Latest

Painted Nature 3
Painted Nature 2
Painted Nature 1