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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Track & Field....the main course....
20k-Stadium montage
Every Olympic sport I've attended has been exciting and enjoyable, some surprisingly so. But, to me, they've just been appetizers for this main course....Track & Field. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm influenced by the fact that track was "my sport" in my youth, and I could hardly contain myself as I arrived for my first of three sessions, Monday, 7/29.

22k-400 start The Olympic Ticket gods have shined upon me so much I'm getting sunburned. When my tickets finally came, I discovered through an online seating chart that, for this session, I was in the third row at the finish line. Upon arriving, it got even better....there was no first row. Unfortunately, the foreigners in the second row saw this as their own personal patio, and proceeded to stand and chat the first hour. Calling up my best Southern drawl, and speaking as Southerner's do to foreigners (slowly...and loudly), I said "Y'all....I hate....to be rude....but...could...y'all...puh-leez...sit down?....Puh-leez?" They humbly apologized and sat down....and they were French! My the powers of Southern Hospitality....
21k-Gail Devers
This was a day of mostly preliminaries and qualifying....but I didn't care. I found myself getting quite emotional at times, as I was continually slapped in the face...."your dream has come true! You're really at the Olympics, up front and center!" Little pleasure slaps, like seeing 100 meter Gold Medalist Gail Devers fly by a mere 50 feet away, on her way to qualifying for the 110 meter hurdles.

19k-men's 1500 I saw preliminaries in mens' 400 meter hurdles, discus, and 1500 meters (at left), and women's triple jump and 110 hurdles. But there was one event that touched my heart with the true meaning of the Olympics, an event most consider quite boring....the womens' 10,000 meter walk (go to the next page).

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