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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
A Childhood Dream Come True....
The One Human Not Angry with A.C.O.G. about his tickets.

During those formative years of junior high & high school, my best sport, and thus my favorite, was track, specifically what was then called the 440 (yards). I viewed the Olympics as the World Series/Super Bowl/Final Four all wrapped into one, and it only came around every four years...something rare and special. To me, the definitive gathering of the best athletes on the planet.

So, imagine my glee when Atlanta was awarded the Centennial Games!!! I can no longer run the 440 in 55 seconds, but I can watch Michael Johnson fly faster than I ever dreamed! So, I was at my neighborhood Kroger at 6:00am, May 1, 1995, to pick up my order form. Three hours later, with an offering of prayer to the Gods of Olympic Tickets, I mailed my order.

The Olympic gods were *very* kind to me.

Lately, I've been surprised the rest of the nation hasn't complained about that infernal whining sound emanating from the direction of Atlanta. "I didn't get squat for tickets, and they kept my money a year","I can't get anywhere for all that dadgum Oh-Limpik con-struc-shun","Why won't those foreigner's rent my house for $10,000 for three weeks?" Some folks have valid gripes.....I've just been keeping my mouth shut, because......

I ordered tickets to seven events, and got six of them. I missed out on Whitewater Canoeing & Kayaking (a lottery event), but *did* go to the U.S. Olympic Trials for that event. And contrary to the rumored conspiracy to give all the good seats to the "Olympic Family", I got 3rd row at the finish line for one track & field session, and one other in the *gold* area of home stretch. Plus *real* good seats for two days of equestrian events.

So, if you think most Atlantan's are slightly cynical about all this Olympic hub-bub, there is at least one who considers it a childhood dream come true....

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