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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Olympic People Watching, The Sequel
As people arrived before the beach volleyball competition, I noticed a lot of bright yellow tee shirts, featuring a cartoon of a very large gentleman carrying a torch. Then I saw the inspiration for this cartoon, the Grand PooBah of Brazilian Beach Volleyball. There were 50 to 60 fans in this group, there to support their teams (the women eventually won the gold and silver). They reminded me of the New Orleans Saints fans who come to town for Falcons games. They come dressed in full party regalia, bring a band, dance most of the time, and occasionally ask "what's the score?"

15k-photogs These distant professional cousins of mine behave in mysterious ways, sometimes. At the beach volleyball venue, they are 4 feet from the edge of the court, yet they insist on using those 20 pound $5000 dollar extreme telephoto lens. I guess if I had to lug that kind of glass around, I'd dang sure use it, too. But how much demand is there to see Karch Kiraly's skin pores?
10k-Lobster Boy

My, oh my. How many times have we heard rules to survive in the heat as a spectator? Cover your skin with loose, light colored, breathable fabric, drink lots of fluids, but no alcohol...in general, be sensible! This epitome of fitness, and future Red Cross Lobster Boy of the Month was pounding down the brewski, and providing shade for the rest of us. I guess it's possible some people exist just to be a bad example, and possibly to scare small children. At least he wore a hat....
17k-Izzy The Atlanta Games mascot, Whatizit, was chosen by a tight circle of A.C.O.G. leaders, then immediately torched by the press, and the public. But what do you expect when a few beancounters and lawyers try to make a creative decision? Whatizit was whisked from public view, given cosmetic surgery (his eyes are smaller) and liposuction (he's no longer round), but his public image could not be salvaged. So, Whatizit changed his name to Izzy, and ran away, trying to drown his sorrows in Pepsi and Everclear. When he was found, he was hurriedly run through a detox program, and is now rolled out for short public viewings during the Olympics. But they won't let him play in their reindeer games, as the blobby-blue-guy has been locked out of Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

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