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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Olympic People Watching
As I expected I would, I have seen some....ummm....unique individuals around town. I've heard dialects I don't recognize, watched behavior I've never seen before, and seen visitors with acute culture shock.....and that's just the Americans. There's folks from 196 other nations here, too, presenting a feast of plenty for anyone into the photo-sport of People Watching. It's like shootin' fish in a barrel, as you'll see below.

15k-SuperDork I encountered this symbol of American Youth on the way to Opening Ceremonies, along Hawker's Gauntlet. No, that's not red clothing with a white letter....that's paint. I overheard him explaining to the obviously perplexed woman to the left that he was 23 years old, that this was his "career", and that "millions of people have told me what I'm doin' is really great, man." The adult in me trembled for the future of our country. My *inner child* thought, "bitchin' gig, dude!" But realistically, is being SuperDork a career? And if not, it's a stepping stone to.....to.....what? A promotion to SuperDweeb, or maybe even SuperGeek? I think not. I think this youngster has risen as far as his talents will take him.

I saw this woman at the rowing venue at Lake Lanier. In case you can't tell, that's a tattoo of crossed paddles painted with the Canadian Maple Leaf. That's been one of the things I've noticed that charges the Olympics. At each venue, be it rowing, beach volleyball, or equestrian, you have the most gung-ho fans and supporters of that specific sport from around the world. They're fully jazzed about being there, and more than happy to explain the finer points to their neighbors. Even show off their tattoos....

14k-IceTV I don't know what Asian TV network this was, or what they might have been covering....I can only imagine...."Attention Sacred Viewers. Do NOT adjust your TV set. My jacket really is this color. I'm coming to you from outside the Opening Ceremonies, with yet another tragedy of the Atlanta Games, the horrible waste of ice, placed in 126 degree heat, on hot asphalt. This stack weighed 1200 kilos just 5 minutes ago. Humble apologies for the graphic footage."

15k-kid in fount.

Want to know a tailor made spot for great pictures? During the heat of the day (I know...), go to the Olympic Rings fountain at Centennial Park. Take your telephoto lens, and pick out any one of the dozens of cute kids in the water. Focus on them, and whenever they laugh or smile, shoot! Take lots of film....and stay out of the way of any longhaired goateed lookin' guys....they tend to get testy if you get in their shot.

16k-Elvis? Yes, it's The King, who apparently has hired a good trainer and cosmetic surgeon, and is working Centennial Park passing out flyers promoting his comeback tour. Or something like that....

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