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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Centennial Park....Six Corporations Over Georgia
16k=centennial park
It was July 20 before I managed to make my way down to the new Centennial Park. I arrived with no pre-conceived notions, and left with a definite opinion. Silly me, I kinda expected to find something like....oh, say....a park! However, AT&T, General Motors, Swatch, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and A.C.O.G., among other profit centers, have conspired to give birth, not to a park, but to a new marketing opportunity.

17k=rings fountainWhat they've created is surpassed only by Disney World in the number of things you can wait in long lines to see. And that's such great family fun this balmy time of year! I figure there's maybe three normal *park* activities that aren't completely overwhelmed by the logo-mania. One is walking slowly, head down, looking directly in front of your toes at approximately 1000 engraved bricks before finding the ones you bought.10k-rings fountain

Then there's the Olympic event of People Watching, but that will be covered on another page. But the park's centerpiece and crowning glory is the Olympic Rings Fountain (and about the only thing worth photographing). Children (real ones, as well as *inner* ones) seem to have a blast, and it's also a great place to drag relatives suffering from heat prostration after waiting in line 90 minutes in the sun to see BudWorld.16k-rings fountain

With two strokes of near genius as bookends (the initial conception, and the centerpiece fountain), there's nothing but mediocre marketing in between. This is the expert opinion of someone who hasn't been in nary a one of the exhibits, and the overheard opinion of many other *experts*. There's absolutely nothing of interest to me, with the exception of the ongoing, everchanging exhibition of Olympic photos by Annie Liebowitz in the Swatch Pavilion. I've heard it's good, but when I looked at the line (50 yards long, no shade), I quickly decided there's nothing that good. Sorry, Annie, but you should've had Swatch build ya a web page!

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