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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
The So-Called Glitch Games
Excuse me if I vent a little, but this label, "The Glitch Games", has gotten under my skin a bit. You'd think anyone with 2 ounces of grey matter could figure this out, but apparently we need a big sign at the Atlanta city limits:

WARNING! This city is hosting the largest peacetime event in the history of mankind....there MAY be a few inconveniences.

This concept is not complex, yet everyone has heard that the Atlanta Games are a big bust.

Well, sorry to interrupt everybody in the middle of a stoning, but it just ain't true. Every spectator I've talked to, and every conversation I've overheard, has been positive. Us regular folks are havin' the time of our lives, it's mainly the VIP-types that are complaining.

Please remember where you're getting this vision of doom...the media. It seems they've had some problems with delays getting to venues, a buggy computer system, and long lines, so they've lowered the lifeboats and declared a disaster. Allow me to make a few points, from the perspective of someone who attended seven events over the first seven days....

Don't get me wrong, there have been transportation problems. I've waited over an hour for a bus that was supposed to run every 20 minutes. I've gotten on a northbound train that then headed south. Yes, the trains are crowded at times. But everybody must have forgotten to pack their common sense for the trip, because since the population of this city has more than doubled for the Olympics, you should expect some problems, or you're not living in the real world. If your home of 4, becomes a home of 8 or 9, it's gonna be crowded, it's gonna take longer to get into the bathroom, you're gonna get cranky, and if you work for a newspaper, you're gonna write about it. Now do you see Atlanta's dilemma?

It just breaks my heart that some media types are having to walk, wait in lines, and sweat, just like us peasants. But it's impossible to make everybody happy. To even try is a fool's errand. I'll leave that job to Billy Payne. All you can be responsible for is your own happiness, and so far the logistical logjams have not kept me from havin' a rippin' good time!

If you want to e-mail me with your horror story of how the Atlanta Games curved your spine and grew hair on your palms, don't expect me to read it for a couple of weeks. I'm too busy having fun, and wallowing in the experience of a lifetime to waste my time griping.

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