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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Beach Volleyball....the hip side of the Olympics
21k-beach stadium
To paraphrase the car commercial, this ain't your father's Olympics. This was the first Olympics to feature this variant as a medal sport, and it was a huge success, both at the venue, and in the TV ratings. It's a piece of California that hopefully will be transported around the world in Olympics to come. Compared to other sports I attended, beach volleyball was looser, the crowd a bit wilder (though still not up to the levels of a Dawg game), and the heat a bit more tolerable...hey, we're at the beach! I kept expecting to look up and see Annette Funicello.

The morning session began with the women, including this very quick, kinda mod looking team from Japan.
23k-team japan 25k-team japan
While Reno and McPeak fought (themselves and the other team) on Court 2, we watched the American pair of Hanley and Fontana, who eventually played for the bronze medal, though unsuccessfully. But they went further than the highly favored "team" of Reno and McPeak....
Most of us have played volleyball in some form at some point, so you can imagine the difficulty of covering a court that size with two people, while running in loose sand. The ladies were most impressive.

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