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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Baseball: USA vs. Nicaragua
Let me make it clear, after I was hit on the hip bone in Little league by the 10 year old equivalent of Tom Glavine, my enthusiasm for baseball was somewhat dampened. Just the same, this was a most pleasant event to attend.

20K-stadiumIt was at 10am the morning after Opening Ceremonies, and though tired, I was still glowing from that experience. I had an $11 ticket to sit in the shaded part of the upper deck, and by climbing to the top of the steps, I could look out the back of the stadium and see the newly lit caudron, and workers transforming Olympic Stadium back into an athletic facility. Not photogenic enough to waste a scan on, though.

However, my cheap seats in the shade didn't give me much of a photo vantage point for action shots, but I felt obligated to record the first U.S. hit.....it must be the proximity to all those *journalists*.

If you're used to attending Braves games, it was quite a different atmosphere. Liberal use of the designated hitter and the *clink* of aluminum bats were disconcerting enough. But there was no Marlboro Man, no hOOters billboard. The I.O.C. charter dictated that venues be "clean" of corporate logos, right down to reducing the Coca-Cola logo on drink cups to teenie-weenie proportions. Of course, outside the venue is a whole other story... .

9k-pitcherI made sure to get a shot of starting pitcher, and local boy-done-good, Kris Benson, of Kennesaw, first round draft pick for Pittsburg. Then I officially declared it a *wrap*, and took the radical approach of sitting back and enjoying the game.....U.S.A. won.

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