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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
The Marathon...a medal to die for...
On Sunday, 7/28, the women's marathon was held on the streets of Atlanta. Beginning and ending at Olympic Stadium, the runners wound their way north, then northeast to Oglethorpe University, where they turned around and headed back along much of the same course as the Peachtree Road Race.
22k-runners on P'tree

19k-runner in pain As I remember, the marathon originated during an ancient Greek war, when the general needed to convey news of his victory in battle to his leader. He chose his most athletic soldier, and charged him with running over 26 miles with the message. The loyal trooper completed the run, told his leader, "we are victorious", and keeled over dead. At some point, someone decided, "hey, we should make that an athletic competition!" Thus we are regularly treated to the sight of athletes who appear to be running themselves to death. 14k-runner

23k=runner and signs My vantage point for this race was around the 21 mile point. When I saw the "34km" sign, I couldn't help but notice the sign right next to it. I would have stopped and waited on that MARTA bus....

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