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The Daily Whim


Interview with Alan Taylor, Creator of Boston Globe’s The Big Picture — Here’s the power of wonderful photography presented wonderfully: “The blog really launched on June 1st (I had a few earlier posts, but hadn’t opened it up yet). In its first 20 days of existence, it’s almost reached 1.5 million pageviews and over 1,500 comments for just 20 entries.” See for yourself: The Big Picture.

Exposed“The will to blog is a complicated thing, somewhere between inspiration and compulsion. It can feel almost like a biological impulse. You see something, or an idea occurs to you, and you have to share it with the Internet as soon as possible. What I didn’t realize was that those ideas and that urgency — and the sense of self-importance that made me think anyone would be interested in hearing what went on in my head — could just disappear.”

Trashing the Greatest Generation — Veteran of WWII gets trashed on a right wing blog simply because he didn’t want to play their reindeer games and give them the partisan answer they insisted they had the right to get. Very nice, guys, I’m sure your mother would be proud of the way you treated a veteran who did far more for his country in a real war than you ever will in some silly blog war.

Textism: Alright — And on the fourth day of the fourth month, he reappeared, and spake: “Money, when it travels at a certain trajectory and speed, can make anyone into an asshole.”

Blogging Kills?“Two weeks ago in North Lauderdale, Fla., funeral services were held for Russell Shaw, a prolific blogger on technology subjects who died at 60 of a heart attack. In December, another tech blogger, Marc Orchant, died at 50 of a massive coronary. A third, Om Malik, 41, survived a heart attack in December. Other bloggers complain of weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, exhaustion and other maladies born of the nonstop strain of producing for a news and information cycle that is as always-on as the Internet.” If you are experiencing “nonstop strain,” I’d say you’re not blogging. You’re working. And it sounds like a bad gig. You should quit. Because typing your thoughts does not cause heart attacks, but other things do.

Graphic Annotation of Comments — Nicely done. The only slight improvement would be an if/then statement, like “if” douchebag, “then” show IP number, as “lives at”. Later: Perhaps this could be automated, with the annotation applied to those who are caught by the forthcoming Stupid Filter.

You’re not in junior high anymore. You’re just acting like it.Hey. Stop picking on a 12 year old in the name of your politics, left or right. I’ve never seen such an embarassing cacophony by people who actually think they’re changing minds with such juvenile crap! Those involved should go get their junior high yearbook, and find their 8th grade photo. Yeah, right now, you look just that dorky.

Senseless Partisan Quote of The Day“I don’t think that the left wants to lose the war on terror, exactly — they just want Bush to lose the war on terror. I suspect, however, that Patterson’s theme is one that we’ll hear more in the future, especially if things go badly in Iraq.” “If” things go badly? Where have you been the past four Republican dominated years? For someone who consistently claims not to be a Republican, Glenn sure regularly regurgitates plenty of their left-bashing talking points.

Media Idiot Hotlinks Image, Not Once, But Twice, Then Blames … Hackers! — Max Blumenthal hallucinates, “Tony Perkins has orchestrated the hacking of this post [...] The photo of Christopher Hitchens posing with the Family Research Council’s Witherspoon Fellows was scrubbed from FRC’s site today out of fear that I would link to it again.” No, they were blocking your hotlinking. Learn about web etiquette, indeed, how the whole web works, before you look even more foolish. If that’s possible.

Textpattern CS Pricing — I can’t believe they are charging for Textpattern now. I thought I was part of the “team,” but this is the first I’ve heard about it. Maybe it’s time for me to just write my own dang CMS.

Call for a Blogger’s Code of Conduct — This is an April Fool’s joke, right? You can’t put the worms back in the can, they’ve been out and multiplying for so long that they won’t even fit in a 50 gallon drum.

Oh, that explains the awful smell“New research by Gartner, the US technology analyst, suggests the number of new blogs peaked in October and that an estimated 200m have been abandoned and left to rot in cyberspace.” Ewwwwww! Rotting blogs spreading disease in cyberspace!

NY Times/CBS Blog Poll“But more than half of the adults surveyed, 58 percent, said they never visited political blogs. Of those who do, 24 percent said they visit them rarely and 14 percent occasionally. Only 4 percent said it was a frequent occurrence.”

Who Got Blog? — Pete Townshend, that’s … Who. A pretty active one, too. Love the understated profile: About Me; I’m in a rock band.”

Dear Social Network Site User — “Thank you for bringing your attention to our article, but due to the wild popularity of this post, we had to remove it temporarily to keep our server alive.“ They didn’t remove the quarter megabyte of graphics and branding. Or the ads. Just the text of the article. The ultimate irony is that this disclaimer appears right above 26 of those silly icons for visitors to link the article at “social networks.” So you can click them, and cause so much traffic they take the article offline. Ain’t the web great?

Your Resume: It’s Got 30 Seconds, Tops — “The First Pass. Your Name. It’s simple. Do I know you? Whether I do or not, I’m going to immediately Google you to see if I should. Oh, you a have a weblog. Excellent…“ For the few who don’t realize you can blog up your gig ... before you even get it.

Random Notes On Blogging, from Hugh MacLeod — #5 of 41: “A lot of serious bloggers became so because frankly, they had too much time on their hands. And often there were good reasons for that.

What A Lovely Bride — I just found out that Atlanta blogger Jessica Harbour is back as Jessica Doyle ... and married. Congrats, Mrs. Jessica!

Operation Eden: Restart — 11 months ago I wrote about Operation Eden, and here’s a followup on Clayton’s mom: “A lone little bottle of Katrina mud floating in a sea of tranquility. Misery truly does love company, and she felt the need to go back and blend into the misery and grinding survival of the Gulf, with people who truly knew what she was feeling, thankful for the salvation that was the Bennett family, and strengthened by the time she had had to recuperate and clear her mind.

The Run-Off Blog Battle In Georgia — “McKinney, meanwhile, has a quasi-blog on her campaign site, but it’s quite unimpressive. For starters, it doesn’t even follow the reverse-chronological format of blogs. You have to scroll to the bottom of the single page of blog posts, which started in mid-April, to get to the latest entry from July 20.

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