After over 7 years of having an online “portfolio” and “galleries,” there's a wide variance in the look of the pages, the quality of the scans, and the locations of the galleries. You'll find the best work in my commercial portfolio and in the online print store. You can also find an odd collection of my images at flickr.

Plus, you can still see some images in all their 1990's glory. There's commercial work (way out of date), people, “things,” and various places, like Yosemite, Bodie, Mono Lake, and more.

In addition, you'll find a few more recent image galleries below.
  • Georgia Aquarium [6/30/2006] Seventy six photos from a morning trip to the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.
  • Visiting Caroli [11/12/2005] A short series of photos from my first ‘real’ visit with my new niece Caroli.
  • Marietta National Cemetery [5/31/2004] A series of 22 photos taken at Marietta National Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend, when they place an American flag at each marker.
  • A Visit From Jonathan [4/5/2004] See Jonathan feed a canadian goose! 20 images from our nephew's recent visit.
  • zoomtestTests of Canon 70-200 f/4L [3/21/2004] Ten photos of bradford pear trees, shot with the 70-200 f/4L zoom on a Canon D60.
  • lensbabyLensBaby Test #2 at f/4 [3/21/2004] Eleven more photos of bradford pear trees, shot with a LensBaby at f/4 on a Canon D60.
  • boscoLensBaby Tests at f/4 [3/19/2004] This is a series of ten photos taken with a LensBaby, using the f/4 aperture, and some of my usual household test subjects.
  • madelineMadeline Kaye [3/17/2004] Some photos of a smiling 72 hour old human, my niece. With a head of hair like no newborn you've ever seen.
  • morganMorgan Rose [1/24/2003] Morgan is my niece, and these shots were taken at the hospital on her first day on Earth.
  • weddingOur Wedding [10/26/2002] A collection of photos of our wedding and reception, from various sources (my cameras were handed to “qualified and bonded operators,” and we passed out disposable cameras, too)
ABOUT: I've created this section as an archive for various "quickie galleries" of image collections I've done recently. These pages were created with the "Web Photo Gallery" feature in Photoshop CS, using a customized template I adapted from the existing "Simple" template.