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The Daily Whim

“Football doesn’t lie to us. Football doesn’t make us fear that an attention-seeking pastor might upend our country, or put our soldiers overseas at risk. Football is apolitical, and on the heels of a summer of ferocious politicking, it is as welcome a respite as I can imagine.” Rex Huppke

Mon. Jan 04, 2010

Breaking A Four Decade Hex

The hex is over. No, not the “Hex of the ‘Naughts,” the decade of 2000-2009 that so recently ended. This is a much longer hex. Four years ago, I wrote about what was at that time The Thirty Nine Year Hex

Today, this hex turned the Atlanta Falcons into a sad puddle of loser. Again.

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Fri. Jun 12, 2009

The Release of Michael Vick

A couple of weeks back the federal prison system released Michael Vick into their halfway house program. However, the program is so full that Vick had to be released to his own 4500 square foot home with an ankle bracelet. And the question became, will he get a second chance? Not at freedom, that’s a given. I mean a second chance to earn millions as an NFL player.

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Mon. Dec 29, 2008

Falcons Explode Expectations

At the beginning of 2008, the Atlanta Falcons had no general manager, no head coach, and no incumbent starting quarterback. They had little more than the Number Three pick in the April 2008 draft, and one huge toxic cloud, generated by perhaps the worst season in professional sports history. They were the Union Carbide of the NFL, the Bhopal Falcons.

Before the season began, The Sporting News predicted these Foul Falcons would win one game out of sixteen. As it turns out, that wouldn’t have even gotten them the first pick in the 2009 draft, thanks to the woe-and-sixteen Detroit Lions.

Instead, the Falcons clinched a spot in the playoffs. Which is not a sentence anyone thought they would be writing this year.

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Mon. Sep 08, 2008

The Circus Left Town

Last season for the Atlanta Falcons, well, it was like a surreal nightmare from which you could not wake. First we discovered Michael Vick is a Lying Dog Murdering Team Betraying Anti Role Model, followed by the ugly season of the The Atlanta Btfsplk’s that went on and on and on. And then it got even worse when Coach Loser quit with 3 games left in the season.

But Sunday, in about 3 hours these guys wearing the uniform of the Atlanta Falcons (as in, “who are these guys?”) made you wonder if maybe it was all just a really bad dream.

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Fri. Mar 07, 2008

Football Departures

Favre as Falcon

Hey, what’s with the photo of a very youthful and vital looking Brett Favre … in a Falcons uniform? Didn’t he just retire? Have the Falcon’s drafted Brett’s son? Has Reid been dipping into the Photoshop again?

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Sat. Feb 23, 2008

MeAngelo Drops An Ego Bomb On His New Bosses

If you’re a regular reader here, you may recall my opinions (1, 2) about current Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall. But Mr. Hall has a couple of new bosses in GM Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Mike Smith, who may not be as familiar with Mr. Hall’s methods. So he gave them an introduction:

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Mon. Feb 04, 2008

Not So Super Monday

You can wedge a day between Super Sunday and Super Tuesday, but that does not guarantee it will be anything but another Monday.

Just the same, that was quite a game last night. Especially if you skipped the first three quarters of it. In a way, it reminded me of the NBA ... there’s often no real reason to watch until the last few minutes. But I have to say, in the NFL’s “Memorable Moments,” Eli Manning’s scramble and throw followed by Tyree’s “helmet catch” for 32 yards ranks up there with Franco Harris’ Miracle Catch. One I’m glad I did not miss (YouTube Video, in case you did miss it).

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Fri. Jan 25, 2008

New Bosses For The Birds

So the Falcons hired a GM I’ve never heard of, who proceeded to hire a coach I’ve never heard of, to attempt to resurrect the team after a season worse than anyone has ever heard of.

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Wed. Dec 19, 2007

Tuna Time In Atlanta?

After the debacle of their quitter coach, I expected maybe the Falcons would come out last Sunday and show us something. They did. They showed their ass, in another undisciplined 30 point defeat. It placed an exclamation point at the end of “Yes, this is certainly the worst season ever!” Afterwards, I wondered what act could turn this around in anything less than three years.

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