November 05, 2005

Weblog Advertising Yields Audi Dramatic, Cost-Efficient Results
“29 percent of traffic to a site created as part of a recent Audi A3 campaign was generated by advertising on the BlogAds network. The kicker is that 29 percent was achieved with just one half of one percent of the overall media budget” (via Reecie)

October 11, 2005

Thou good and faithful servant.
“He was a good friend. He was my best friend.”

September 19, 2005

The Assholosphere
“Reid said in an email: ‘I think we need to dump to blogosphere and initiate the assholosphere.’” It’s true. Chief Broom, Walt, Wally, etc. ... your special talents are needed. 24FC is already in da house.

September 14, 2005

Google launches Blog Search
Hey, Technorati ... this is what happens when you rest on your laurels. You finally fixed your Cosmos search, but only days before the 800 pound gorilla arrived.

August 22, 2005

The Tail That Wags the Blog
Highly hilarious, and hilariously accurate. Each paragraph is a free standing gem

August 02, 2005

State of the Blogosphere, August 2005, Part 1: Blog Growth
“The blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months”

July 27, 2005

“Think of it as an open source ‘craiglist’ for bloggers.”

July 18, 2005

Michael Totten: Left, Right, and Center
Move from the left to the center, and your former peers will trash you
John Cole: Just Asking for Trouble
Move from the right to the center, and your former peers will trash you

July 16, 2005

Fighting Words
“Take two bloggers from opposite ends of the overheated political debate, put them on a Washington tour bus together, then ponder the fate of an increasingly uncivil society”
Another Blog Survey
This one reveals “2/3 of blog readers don’t realize they are reading a blog.” That’s right, this isn’t a blog, it’s a serial reality novel.

July 04, 2005

“Delegitimizing bloggers”
The first sign you may be taking blogging too seriously: you completely lose your sense of humor, get mad over the Sunday Comics, and take it personally.

July 03, 2005

Wired: Robot Wisdom on the Street
“On his panhandler sign, [Jorn] Barger had written: Coined the term ‘weblog,’ never made a dime.”
If Thomas Jefferson was a Blogger
“This is typical Democratic-Republican bullshittery, Tom. If I’m hearing you correctly, what you’re saying is simply because you believe it, it’s true. Okay, well, I’m saying you suck -- seems fairly ‘self-evident’ to me.”

June 21, 2005


June 17, 2005

Contest gets the lowdown on what makes readers forward links
“The Contagious Media Showdown sought who could create the most popular Web site in 22 days. While winners such as Forget-Me-Not Panties seem obvious now -- their winning strategies are not”

May 21, 2005

Arianna’s $5 million blog steals bandwidth
Blog Lesson #1 - hotlinking someone else’s image on the home page of your $5 million start-up will get you burned. You’re lucky their replaced image was nice ... I would have fed you something really embarrassing

May 11, 2005

Dave Winer, Still a Total Butthead
After a lengthy effort, he’s now completed his mission of pissing off each of the 8 Gazillion bloggers, one by one. Congrats! ... can you retire now?

April 30, 2005

Trackback is dead. Are Comments dead too?
“Trackback, I come to praise and bury you. May you rest in peace...”

April 10, 2005

Power Line: “We did not report as a fact that the memo was a fake”
No, they just quoted a headline “Was the Schiavo Memo a Fake?” in a post with the capitalized subject line “ANSWER: YES”. But it’s not like they swore on a Bible or anything, it’s deniable. And that’s all that matters.

April 08, 2005

“Bloggers Pitch Fits Over Glitches”
Yet another cycle of whining over Blogger/Blogspot outages that will drive people to new platforms on their own domains. I think the web has gone into reruns.

April 06, 2005

I think ”Sploid’ means “exploded a tabloid all over a web page,” but since Ken Layne is involved, it may have the right warp factor to it. The headlines got ‘tude, if nothing else

March 25, 2005


March 23, 2005

Anil Dash: The Blog Cycle
Same as it ever was...

March 11, 2005

I bought this domain to keep it out of a spammer’s hands
The weblog spam battle has reached this point ... and it’s a fine idea

February 25, 2005

The MetaFilter “Community” dances on Kottke’s head
What was once a community is now a bloody scrum of blind sharks, who can’t even see what they’re doing when Matt points it out (said former user #3914)
NYTimes drags Evan Williams from bed for photo session
They “founded Odeo in a San Francisco apartment” that apparently contains no mirrors or hair styling utensils

February 20, 2005

Main Stream Media hits Bloggers where it hurts
Big-time WSJ columnist takes over blogger’s laptops at convention, not once, but twice

February 12, 2005

Reecie.com: In the spirit of Valentine’s Day
Mr. Reecie’s a lucky man. But then, so am I. There’s nothing so valuable as the true love of a good woman.
Photos, Blogging And Fair Use
“Just because they’re a blog they’re not exempt from copyright law and they’re not entitled to a free ride.”

January 31, 2005

Interview with a blog spammer
“The reality is that people purchase Viagra, they require porn, they gamble online. When people do that, there’s money being made”

January 27, 2005

Blog Overkill - The danger of hyping a good thing into the ground
“I hadn’t witnessed such public expressions of high self-esteem since the last time I attended a journalism awards ceremony”

January 24, 2005

New MT vulnerability
Spammers are now hijacking MT comments in a new way (TextDrive has shut it down)

January 21, 2005

You might need to get a life if...
”...You make harsh statements about people and link to them in the process because you get a special thrill attempting to humiliate people in public”

January 18, 2005

Sketchy Behavior from Noah
Noah goes black and white in a whole new way
Google, Yahoo, and MSN support new anti-spam attribute
Google sez “when Google sees the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results”

January 17, 2005

EarthLink enters blogging universe (reg. req’d)
“The idea came from EarthLink’s public relations department because of worries that news was traveling faster on blogs than in conventional media.”
Disaster Written All Over It
But it “Doesn’t matter” ... lovely writing about a “web connection”
Not-So-Spontaneous Human Combustion
Chris Nolan on the Kos-Teachout Blowout: “This, my friends, is spin. It’s positioning. It’s politics. And it ain’t a coincidence.”
There’s... something ... happening ... here
What it is is exactly clear

January 15, 2005

Brouhaha in the blogosphere
“Whoever decided to pay any of you is an idiot. Oh that’s right ... it was Joe Trippi.”

January 14, 2005

Dean Campaign Made Payments To Two Bloggers
“Mr. Zuniga said they were paid $3,000 a month for four months” (more from the source)

January 12, 2005

The Folly Of Content Management
“Do we really need to wear those goat-leggings and should we really be worshipping Google?”

January 09, 2005

The Broken Windows theory applies to comment spam, too
“Unremoved spam + fast google caching = lots more spam”

January 05, 2005

Six Apart Guide to Combatting Comment Spam
I hope their advice and latest patch work (I’ve seen some evidence it isn’t), because the next escalation could be ugly

December 21, 2004

Blog and Forum automatic submission scripts
“If bloggers are powerful enough to take down a TV news anchor, I’d imagine that a concerted effort to choke off distribution sources would be successful as well.”
Movable Type 3.14 released
“we strongly recommend that all Movable Type users install this update,” and from Mena: “We’ve got a common goal, that is platform neutral - to get spammers out of our space”
Blog Happy!
That’s all you need to know for now

December 20, 2004

Comment Spammers Have Blogs of Their Own
And Jeremy adds to the call for some form of “no-index” marker to wrap around comments, eliminating the benefit of comment spam

December 18, 2004

threshold state: Comment spam, and a disheartening realisation
Alex makes some excellent points, especially about the CAPTCHA method of verification

December 12, 2004

MSNBC: The Alpha Bloggers
“No one hired them. No one appointed them”

December 09, 2004

A Blogfather shouldn’t have to bury his Blogchildren
Of the ten blogs listed as my “children,” four of them are dead, and three appear to be in a coma for a month or longer. I must be a Bad Daddy.

December 06, 2004

brushstroke.tv: She’s baaacckk!
After 8 months, Mel returns, with an opening line identical to the closing line in ‘Memento’

December 05, 2004

If you can’t win a weblog award by the rules, write a voting ‘bot and cheat!
Better yet, what if we agree that all of these “weblog awards” have always been a sad chest-thumping joke, rather than make ourselves look infantile trying to win one?

December 02, 2004

Why Do We Blog?
“Here are reflections from thirty-five bloggers...”

November 25, 2004

Textpattern Resources
A well done new site for Textpattern plug-ins, templates, tips, and tutorials

November 19, 2004

Mark Cuban is fined by the NBA ... because of his blog
“Do the customers and fans of the NBA or other leagues, feel it makes the league appear stronger, weaker or unaffected when a player, owner, coach, GM, or executive publicly criticizes the league?”

October 28, 2004

The New York Times discovers Cat Blogging
It’s been bringing partisan warriors together for a long time

October 26, 2004

Blogger’s Head Explodes
“His browser history documents that he went from Drudge to Real Clear Politics to Talking Points Memo to Instapundit to Fox News to the New York Times to MSNBC to Kos to Roger Simon to Little Green Footballs to The Corner to Atrios to Google News to Allah to Belmont Club to Wonkette and finally, and probably fatally, to Andrew Sullivan”

October 15, 2004

Iran cracks down on blog protests, arrests 6
They are charged with ‘acting against national security, disturbing the public mind and insulting sanctities’

October 01, 2004


September 22, 2004

Andrew Sullivan: A Blogger’s Creed
“Like Internet Jack Russell terriers, readers grab ahold of your pants and don’t let go until you have made amends”

September 20, 2004

A birthday present from Dean: Textpattern 1.0rc1 (more here)
Textpattern graduates from ‘Gamma’ to ‘Release Candidate’

September 14, 2004

Managing static pages with Textpattern
Another fine TXP tutorial from the ZemMaster

September 07, 2004

Creating a photoblog with Textpattern
May not have all the frills you want, but it’s amazingly simple

September 06, 2004

Gallina: Uses a Gmail account to run a blog!
Cool idea, but as long as Google keeps altering login procedures, it might be a problem

August 30, 2004

Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask
Pretty good advice, especially numbers 20 and 21

August 20, 2004

Six Apart: “Cute... and Evil!”
My conspiracy theory involves the number *6*, times MT *3* equals Mena Trott is the Anti-Christ. It should have been obvious all along
A rare photo of a Monkey Man
What’s really scary is how much he’s taking after his dad ... at 10 weeks old

August 11, 2004

Confessions of a ‘Booger’: The Agony and Ecstasy of Being a Democrat Convention Weblogger
Abolsutely hilarious and stilletto like take on Matt’s experiences in Boston

August 10, 2004

If you’re going to blog at work, don’t do 1500 words before lunch, and don’t post about politics during your government job hours
The guy claims he had no idea it was wrong. Guess he thought lots of bloggers get paid tax dollars post at work

August 09, 2004

An Overview of the Weblog Tools Market
Only about 15% of bloggers use a ‘stand-alone’ program like MT, WP, TXP, etc.

July 27, 2004

Wireless Election Connection MoBlog
Take this site, add maybe eight years, and think about the future

July 15, 2004

Reducing comment spam in MT using mod_rewrite
Very clever, and has other potential uses

July 14, 2004

2 parents, 10 children, and 36 siblings
Oh .. My ... God! My Dad is also one of my siblings! I’m a product of blogcest.

July 08, 2004


July 07, 2004

Comment spammers try nasty new tricks
It may be like hackers going after IE ... 3 months with Textpattern, Zero Spam
Blogs By Their Covers
A showcase of cool design
Into the Blogosphere: Rhetoric, Community, and Culture of Weblogs
Academic ‘essays analyze and critique situated cases and examples drawn from weblogs and weblog communities’

July 01, 2004

TextDrive adds a very sweet $12/month plan
300mb of space, 3 GB of bandwidth/mo., 6 MySQL databases, to host up to 3 domains. Plus all the standard TextDrive GoodStuff.

June 30, 2004

How to be a vegetarian, by Jeffrey Dahmer
Sorry, I’m going to need someone with a better track record...

June 25, 2004


June 23, 2004

Photoblog: America Is...
Some damn fine photography, and interesting stories, too

June 20, 2004

Moving from Movable Type to Textpattern
“about my experience converting two Movable Type (MT) blogs to Textpattern (TXP)”
It’s a Boy! A big one
I’m proud to be a blogfather again this late in life.

June 16, 2004

Everybody kisses and makes up with Ben and Mena
“At least, those that haven’t already dumped MT during the 2 months of license limbo”

June 14, 2004

hicksdesign: Textpattern migration
“There was also a indescribable something about Textpattern. It just clicked with me...”

June 06, 2004

JimFormation: New and Improved! Now with More Baby Pix!
Jim does a major redesign while raising a relative newborn, and the multitasking influences the design.

May 27, 2004

mezzoblue : Comment Highlighting
An interesting experiment in ‘marking up’ comments

May 24, 2004

Textpattern Forum: “Textpattern is Open Source Software”
A dual license approach “intended to keep options open for everybody who wishes to use Textpattern, from an individual weblog publisher to a multinational corporation”

May 22, 2004

This is why many media pundits dislike blogs; they are often run by experienced experts who can debunk your bunkum
Donald Sensing takes apart Scott Ritter’s theory on the sarin gas artillery shell

May 21, 2004

Bloglines: Most Popular Links
Very nicely done, despite the fact it’s been done before
Blogads: results from the reader survey for blog advertising.
“61% of blog readers responding to the survey are over 30, and 75% make more than $45,000 a year.”
Snopes.com: Andy Kaufman is still dead
“I have no doubts that he’d find a much more imaginative way of revealing his return than a free press release and a rather ordinary blog”

May 19, 2004

Is Nick Denton the Vince Dooley of blogs?
Vince was the master of lowering expectations and poor mouthing his chances, while talking up his competition
Look who’s Google’s #1 “Moderate Blog”!
In the blogoshere, that’s a bit like being #1 Iraqi Tank Commander
How are you using Movable Type? Answers: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Lots of interesting Trackbacks to follow

May 16, 2004

“I’m not gay, not brilliant, not artistic, and I really have nothing worthwhile to say, several times a week...”
A Usenet Master of past acquaintance finally makes the blog transition ... pleasing old timers like me and a certain donkey

May 15, 2004

Welcome to the World, Caldwell James McCormick!
Your Daddy is a major wacko, but since you have his name, inverted, we expect you’ll be fine

May 14, 2004


May 12, 2004

Iron Blogger Debates Begin, on the topic of Rumsfeld
Nothing like starting with a good meaty topic ... but will it remain civil?

May 11, 2004

The Blogosphere just got a lot prettier
Nice new standards compliant templates from Blogger and some great designers

May 05, 2004

“Sun Policy on Public Discourse” (they mean blogging)
“By speaking directly to the world, without benefit of management approval, we are accepting higher risks in the interest of higher rewards”

May 04, 2004

“Well, baby, it was a nice short fling...”
Every three years or so, I make a half dozen posts at Blogger.

May 03, 2004

Congrats to Oliver on the new gig
And such perks! ‘Most importantly, I’ll get to go to Redskins games’

April 25, 2004

Michael Demmons shuts down Discount Blogger
I hate to see a local blogger quit, but I respect the reasons

April 23, 2004

Whatever was up with the TypeKey signup page, they fixed it!
Got me a profile. Had to grab ‘photodude’ before someone else did
Pop-up Screenshot: What’s wrong with this TypeKey sign-up error page?
There is no ‘image below’ with a number for me to match, nor a form box for entering it.

April 22, 2004

USA Today: “Iraqis enjoy new freedom of expression on Web journals”
“Internet cafes seemingly dot every block in Baghdad”
Is “Hot Abercrombie Chick” actually a “Chick”?
“Just received an inside tip that the recently famous Hot Abercrombie Chick is really a male college student capitalizing on cute pictures of his girlfriend”

April 15, 2004

“Blogging has led to a student community beyond the borders of the campus, a community that Reed administrators can’t control but can peek at.”
“What leads many to blog is the chance to reveal emotions and thoughts, and perhaps some wisdom, during a time when life is all about transition.”

April 13, 2004

Photo: Scariest looking cowboy in the Wild West
Wait, that’s no cowboy, that’s Ken Layne!

April 12, 2004

Instapundit.com gets a redesign ... using nested tables???
I’m sorry, that’s like redecorating with lead paint

April 10, 2004

How to revive a Dead Donkey
Hmmm. Check out that left side gradation. Have I revived a trend?

April 05, 2004


March 28, 2004

From Sgt. Stryker: Digital Warfighter - Total Information Dominance
“The great thing about this new site is that people just like you will directly determine the quality of the place”

March 23, 2004

TypeKey and Movable Type Comment Registration FAQ
Good, webloggers need new fodder to spat over, and already, this appears to be plenty

March 18, 2004


March 14, 2004

A Moblog of nothing but unauthorized photography at SXSW
Power to the Camera Phones, er, I mean, The People!


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