November 12, 2005

Visiting Caroli
A small gallery of pictures from our visit to see Caroli on her ninth day in the USA

November 07, 2005

AlternativePhotography.com : the art and techniques of alternative photography processes
If you want to get Old School, this looks like a good place to start.

October 29, 2005

“1. take a photo of yourself. 2. draw yourself as you are in that photo ... I will post them here”

October 18, 2005

“Give me that camera”
Man, that’s one not-so-dark alley I sure hope to avoid. Even if my web site does reside there. Damn geek gangs.

October 14, 2005

The Company Cookbook
Some of the most gawd-awfully hilarious food photography I’ve ever seen.
Flickr: Camera Tossing
These people are just sick. They ought to be in photo jail. Well, the pictures are cool, but this is felony level camera endangerment. I just can’t watch...

October 09, 2005

“If You Can Shoot Food, You Can Shoot Anything!”
A good look at a difficult specialty, with lots of tips and tricks used by the pros.

September 28, 2005

Nigel’s Back!
With a nice backlog of fine photos like this.

September 26, 2005

“The Contents Of My Mom’s Life”
“It all fits on a small coffee table.” From the quite moving blog, Operation Eden

September 12, 2005

History to Repeat Itself at Yosemite
“Word is spreading among photography buffs. Reid Stott, an Atlanta photographer ... said he would ‘give almost anything’ to be there Thursday.”

September 06, 2005

“I’m going to pray for you”
“photographer Rick Wilking arrived in New Orleans two days before Hurricane Katrina hit and stayed in the greater New Orleans area for six days. The following is his personal account” (and more here on the people he evacuated when he left)

August 31, 2005

Satellite images of New Orleans, before and after
Note how completed isolated the city now is, and how Lake Pontchartrain has bulged

August 27, 2005

Jason’s working hard to move TextDrive’s servers
It can be a thankless job (to view the whole hilarious sequence, start here)
The Super Duper 3 Dollar Duper
This is actually not a bad idea for quickly digitizing a bunch of 35mm slides, especially if you’ve got a quality macro lens

August 22, 2005

Canon EOS 5D, Ooooeeee!
Hmm. 12.8 megapixels from a full frame sensor. Scrumptious!

August 17, 2005

New patented lens made of liquid paves way for slimmer digital cameras
“This liquid lens system achieves optical zooming through altering its focal length by changing its shape which mimics the action of the human eye.”

August 06, 2005

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images
An amazing “best of” collection of photos from the Hubble Telescope

August 05, 2005

New F/A-22’s arriving at Langley AFB
Some good shots of one wicked looking jet fighter

July 26, 2005


July 03, 2005

Gallery: War Faces On The Fourth Of July
“Photographer Curtis Compton is embedded in Iraq with the 48th Brigade. For the Fourth of July, Compton photographed “the faces of patriotism.’”

June 08, 2005

How to make a hot-shoe PEZ Dispenser
“If you are not satisfied with the result, try using a different dispenser. The one you chose might not have been ridiculous / funny enough.”

April 25, 2005

“George W. Bush walks hand-in-hand through Texas bluebonnet wildflowers with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah”
I might have captioned it “Bush props up leader of Saudi regime,” but the straight facts top that (cached: Reuters/Jason Reed)

April 18, 2005

Ms. Right miffed over photo distortion
Those damn photographers! I snicker, because all she had to do at the shoot was ask to see a Polaroid. And it looks like valid portaiture to me ... she’s an ugly distortion of a human

March 06, 2005

milov.nl : barricading the school
One of those pictures worth a thousand words, in any language

February 25, 2005

Old Hollywood Glamour, and the man who invented it
Virginia Postrel offers an excellent slide-show essay about Hollywood photographer George Hurrell

February 12, 2005

Photos, Blogging And Fair Use
“Just because they’re a blog they’re not exempt from copyright law and they’re not entitled to a free ride.”

January 23, 2005

February 1, 2005: National ‘Photography in the Age of Homeland Security’ Day
“Calling on all photographers to document sublime expression unique to the imagery of skyscrapers, trains, bridges, tunnels, highways, subways, buses and dams.”

January 13, 2005

Don’t Photo
Big time photojournalists showcase their favorite campaign moments

January 10, 2005

Photo Essay: A Private View of the President
Including “President Bush prepares his I-pod during a bicycle ride”

January 09, 2005

No Picture Tells the Truth. The Best Do Better Than That
“Wouldn’t you want us to show pictures from Auschwitz if the gates were opened in our time?”

December 18, 2004

Floating Logos Project
Remove the simplest thing, and a photo takes on a new life

December 16, 2004

Macro Maximus
A series of photos about the preparations for some amazing macro photography of ... well, I won’t spoil it. Just scroll

November 27, 2004

“I have officially changed political sides”
Garret makes the big step, giving up a life’s investment for a better way (he dumped Nikon for Canon)

November 20, 2004

Photos: Landscapes from Brazil by Alex Uchoa
A wonderful collection of beautiful places

November 18, 2004

Photo: Adventureplex
Yet another example of Noah’s great eye

October 19, 2004

How to make your own photo mosaics
With a cool little piece of free software

October 08, 2004

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Moon Lightning
A wicked time exposure of the sky over the Gulf of Mexico

September 22, 2004

OH ... My! The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II weighs in at 16.7 megapixels! I feel faint...
5 days after Nikon boasts about their new 12 MP DSLR, Canon throws 16 MP in their face.

September 12, 2004


September 05, 2004

Photo: a bridge and the sun, from Noah
It’s all about capturing light, and this photo well defines that

August 26, 2004

$500,000 in lenses mounted on $1,000 in Bogen clamps
Scroll through the pictures, and see how the sports shooters prefer Canon to Nikon

August 20, 2004

Wow. A new piece of magnesium worthy of serious lust: the Canon EOS 20D
2 more megapixels is only one of the many improvements

July 29, 2004

Mattel Ordered to pay photographer $1.83 Million for “unreasonable and frivolous” lawsuit over Barbie pictures
“his photographs parody Barbie and everything Mattel’s doll has come to signify”

July 23, 2004


July 21, 2004

“Anything for the shot”
A series of ‘shots within shots’, not too far from reality

July 20, 2004

The Bottle Cap Tripod
Nifty little device ... for little cameras

July 13, 2004

360days - a vr log
Very very cool photoblog of ‘day-in-the-life’ QTVR panoramas

June 30, 2004

Photo: This ol’ GMC
A lovely B&W from Garret

June 25, 2004


June 23, 2004

Photoblog: America Is...
Some damn fine photography, and interesting stories, too

June 20, 2004

To quote Jim, “screw Noah”
Fellow photographers can get snarky when they see a damn fine shot like this one

June 15, 2004

26 Things, The Photographic Scavenger Hunt
The 1st was held in July 2003 with over 400 people hunting for the 26 items

June 14, 2004

“Cleaning the CCD sensor on my Canon D60”
You can never have too many tips for this delicate process

June 05, 2004

Photo: Disney World taken over by stormtroopers!
Darth Vader carved Mickey up with a light saber, then used the 7 Dwarfs for target practice

June 03, 2004


June 02, 2004

Photos you can’t take in NYC anymore
“you cannot legally take any photos taken ON or near a Bridge without permission”

May 28, 2004

Cleaning Dust from a DSLR sensor (more advice)
A slightly dicey operation, but unfortunately necessary
Photo: I see this and first think “Heimlich,” then “Dr. Jekyl”
Another photo that won’t be archived ... but should be

May 27, 2004

Photo: Storm clouds over Wrigley Field
I hate that these photos aren’t archived long. This one’s a keeper

May 22, 2004

Understanding Camera RAW Files
“There is probably more misinformation, disinformation and lack of information regarding what raw files are all about than on any other digital imaging topic”

May 19, 2004

Photos: Caldwell James - The Hospital Days, and The Other Boy
There will be no shortage of smile inducing baby pix at JimFormation, that’s for sure
The amazing story of 86 year old Braves photographer Walter Victor (reg. req’d)
Victor served 33 months in combat, receiving eight combat stars and two Bronze Stars ... He took part in every major allied landing in the European Theater, in North Africa, Sicily and Normandy, landing at Utah Beach on D-Day.

May 18, 2004

Photos: Amazing Aerials, and more
‘Me and My Human’ is my favorite

May 15, 2004

Photo: Ronald McDonald gets busted
“A Greenpeace protester dressed like Ronald McDonald waves from a police car after he was removed by police”

May 10, 2004

Photo: Lensbaby Sunflowers
“One nice side effect of getting your sweetie a new Lensbaby for her birthday is you get to play with it when she’s not looking”

May 03, 2004

Stunning Photos: The Earth from above
From the appropriately named ‘No Words.’ None are needed

April 28, 2004

Photos: The Urban Wilds of Atlanta, GA
Photographer David Murphy gives tips on the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area

April 27, 2004

Photo: Not Gonna Be a Good Day
I know it’s Photoshopped. I don’t care. Some days are just like this.

April 09, 2004

How to Build a $14 Steadycam
”... professional steadycams cost around $1500. Even the cheap 3rd party ones cost $600+”

March 28, 2004

Digital Photography in the Wilderness; taking a Canon 10D on a climb in the Himalayas
“Simple is beautiful. I took a risk when deciding to go this light and take only standard battery packs along, but it seems it was the right thing to do”

March 25, 2004

Photos: From a Marine pilot flying over Afghanistan and Iraq
“They are pictures from my office, mostly at 30,000 feet”

March 18, 2004

A fascinating article on Sports Illustrated’s digital photography workflow at the Super Bowl
How would you like to edit “16,183 digital pictures shot in Houston’s Reliant Stadium by eleven of the magazine’s staff photographers over the course of about six hours”?

March 12, 2004

“Digital Photography is no longer special. It now is photography”
“For all effects and purposes, film is dead”
The Realities of Flying in the Post 9/11 World for Photographers
“If you are still using film, do not request a hand search ... If you are not already taking Prozac, you may want to start”

March 09, 2004

Photos: Snow at Mono Lake
Emese shoots Winter Tufa


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