November 17, 2005

Arbitrary Secondaries has been retired in this form. Links can now be found on the home page, and at photodude.com/links. This RSS feed is now dead, too. The new one has articles, links and quotes, and can be found here: RSS / Atom. This feed will redirect after a week.
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November 15, 2005

A ‘fiscal hurricane’ on the horizon
“To hear Walker, the nation’s top auditor, tell it, the United States can be likened to Rome before the fall of the empire.”
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November 12, 2005

Visiting Caroli
A small gallery of pictures from our visit to see Caroli on her ninth day in the USA

November 11, 2005

Cow-tipping myth hasn’t got a leg to stand on
“I suspect that even if a dynamic physics model suggests cow tipping is possible, the biology ultimately gets in the way: a cow is simply not a rigid, unresponding body.”

November 10, 2005

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study
“The helmets amplify frequency bands that coincide with those allocated to the US government between 1.2 Ghz and 1.4 Ghz”
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
“The tree comes with one red Christmas ball ornament.”

November 09, 2005

Top Thirty Facts About Chuck Norris
“Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.”

November 07, 2005

AlternativePhotography.com : the art and techniques of alternative photography processes
If you want to get Old School, this looks like a good place to start.

November 05, 2005

Weblog Advertising Yields Audi Dramatic, Cost-Efficient Results
“29 percent of traffic to a site created as part of a recent Audi A3 campaign was generated by advertising on the BlogAds network. The kicker is that 29 percent was achieved with just one half of one percent of the overall media budget” (via Reecie)

November 04, 2005

The Cover-Up Is the Crime
“By deliberately corrupting the most basic functionality of their customers’ computers, Sony broke the rules of fair play and crossed a bright line separating legitimate software from computer trespass. Their actions may be civilly actionable.”

November 02, 2005

Our Mac Parody
I guess this “inside” parody of the “Switch” campaign has been around a while, but it was freshly funny to me (3.3mb AVI)


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