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Wed. Nov 14, 2012

Embarrassed by Georgia Secessionists & Bandwagon Patriots

Well, it’s been one week since the election, and some people are handling it better than others. Some are calling old friends idiots and saying “please unfriend me now.”

Some are literally running down their spouse:

A Mesa woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly chased her husband around a Gilbert parking lot in an SUV during an argument over the presidential election. The woman finally ran over her husband, leaving him with critical injuries.

But most amazing to me, tens of thousands have decided that the country which a mere week ago they claimed they were fighting to save … should now be destroyed via secession:

But rather than simply deal with the results, however, thousands of Georgians have decided that they would rather secede from the United States.

The White House’s website, which added a petition section earlier this year to “to take action on a range of issues,” has also received petitions from over 20 states. That includes more than 13,500 Louisianans and 18,000 Texans.

When I checked this morning, just shy of 30,000 people had signed one of the two petitions for Georgia, though a significant percentage of them are not from Georgia.

Once upon a time, some liberals would proclaim that if Candidate X wins, they will move to Canada. Few ever did, but it was a statement that “this country has changed so much I must move to a new country.”

Those who call for secession are saying “this country has changed so much it must be destroyed via a breakup.”

That is skin deep patriotism, or what one might call “bandwagon patriotism.” As long as things are going my way electorally, America is Great! Love it or Leave it! But let “my side” lose just one election, and I’m ready to bust the whole thing up.

That also says, “I have so little faith in this country, and in ‘my side’s’ ability to effect change in this country, it’s just time to end this experiment.”

Frankly, it’s a selfish & cowardly attitude of sour grapes, and it’s embarrassing to live in a state where so many apparently hold it.

Peanut Gallery

1  Bobby Long wrote:

It was the other side talking secession back when W was reelected in ’04, Reid. That talk went no where, and neither will this year’s secession malarky.…#

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