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1  Paul Scheele wrote:

So, um….

Would you like all the folks holding down Web jobs, making all these unwelcome changes to get off your lawn, too? I’m thinkin’ we need to suck it up a little, for bad Web innovation, in a time of 9% national unemployment, because if we sucessfully get too critical, and too germane, that would be bad for the the unemployment stats, in a time where every private sector job, doing good things or perhaps not, appears to be needed.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, to you and yours, Reid! And thanks for another year of!

2  Reid wrote:

Hello, Paul! I’m not trying to put anyone out of a job. And I suppose the changes to Twitter don’t affect my livelihood or lifestyle in any real way.

However, I live and die via email, and Gmail’s “new” interface is neither innovative nor more efficient. Quite the opposite. I considered Facebook the King of Change For The Sake of Change, but Gmail is a new contender.

And a Merry Christmas to you, too sir!

3  Paul Scheele wrote:

Yep, I’m there with you on recent Gmail changes, even though I’ve been feeding myself, ever more cheaply, on a Florida fishing and game license, the last year. Flounder, which I like, are stupid, stupid fish. And feral pigs taste great, and folks you meet hunting them know good cornbread and greens, from expensive West Coast vegetable train produce, on sight.

I’ve never Twittered (nothing about me fits into 140 characters), or Facebooked (with a face like mine, it’s out of the question), but I’m all for people making an honest buck these days, Web 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, or whatever…

Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to All Men, as troops come home from Iraq, and other troops remain faithful, on station, until they can too honorably join us, my old friend.

4  Reid wrote:

BTW, Dave Winer has a few thoughts on this topic:

“While I’m on this subject, my Mom has been having trouble posting to her WordPress blog. I went and looked and of course they had ripped up and changed the UI. I had trouble finding all the new stuff, and I somewhat understand the logic of WordPress. My mom, who is very smart and highly educated, doesn’t have time to learn a new way of doing things. Computers are not even close to the primary thing for her. Could we work hard to simplify stuff instead of complicating? Computer designers would do well to see themselves as servants to the users, instead of the way they view things now, which seems to be the other way around.”

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