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Tue. Sep 20, 2011

A Day For Accounting, 2011

Anyone who really knows me also knows that lists, statistics, and “counting” are Things Reid Likes. The following is a continuation of a now eight year old tradition, “A Day for Accounting.” It was inspired by this from Crystal Lyn, and something that happened 53 years ago today.

Clicking any link below within [brackets] will show you an old photo in a pop-up window:
0[At Rex Hospital] [In Mom’s arms]
1[Busted my head chasing pidgeons] (related story) [Dec., 1959, with Dad, Mom, and Granddaddy and Grandmother Stott]
2[a handful, I’m sure]
3 – The first of [many ties] (that was Susan’s comment while looking through these old pictures; “Look, another suit and tie! What happened to you?”)
4 – Another year, [another tie]
6 – A real slice of Americana, the 1964 portrait of my [first grade class] (I’m on the right, in red vest and bowtie, of course).
7[check out sister’s hair!]
8[Star Trek audition] (hey, we all dressed silly then)
9 – Summers at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, [catchin’ fish]. Well, hangin’ around Sportsman’s Pier while my Granddaddy [caught fish].
10[cub scouts] [class photo, Oakland, NJ, 1968]
11 – Lived in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Revelled in 5 feet of snow, as only a child can. [class photo, St. Johnsbury, 1969]
12 – Went to Gettysburg, my first [photo trip]
13 – Class book reports, [in character] (I’m Patton, with the revolver)
14 – Since I had my [first girlfriend], I also had to have [some wheels].
15 – Called out my high school principal in the local newspaper.
16 – Misplaced virginity (sorry, no photo). [Played Trapper John in MASH]
17 – What should have been my Senior year of high school became my [Freshman year at Wake Forest University].
18 – Full time Sophomore, part time DJ at WKZL-FM, Winston-Salem, NC.
19 – Full time DJ at WKZL-FM, ending my time at Wake Forest, and beginning my detour into a Career For The Young.
20 – Graveyard shift, WRBN-FM, Macon/Warner Robins, GA, [occasionally seen in daylight hours]
21 – Program Director [with Playboy Centerfolds] of WRBN-FM, Macon/Warner Robins, GA. [Big fish, small pond]
22[Got married]. The first time. Got my [first camera].
23 – As Program Director (second-in-command), I outlasted 3 General Manager’s in one year (out of a total of 9 in five years), one of whom fired me, hired me back on 30 days probation, and then got himself fired before that probation was up. Radio was such a blast. Well, other than the Playboy Centerfolds above.
24 – Got separated. I mud wrestled women, played Donkeyball, and got my butt kicked by the Harlem Globetrotters, all in the name of my “job.”
25 – Broke my neck (spiral fracture of the C-2) and got a DUI. In one 18 hour span, I was in an accident, in jail, in court, did an airshift, then went to the ER, who zipped me to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, where the neurosurgeon’s first words to me were “you have a very interesting fracture.” It was a day worthy of Jack Bauer on 24.
26 – Got divorced. Got out of radio. Into photography (breaking your neck can be a life altering experience in more ways than one).
27 – The first part of a two year program at the St. Alban’s Academy for the Visually Illiterate, also known as the Portfolio Center.
28 – Watched yet another relationship spontaneously combust during the Holidays (which was once a disturbing long term trend for me).
29 – Entered the freelance world of advertising photography.
30[Camping] in the Smokies (cue banjo music).
31 – Went to Yosemite for the first time.
32 – Move into a loft. Wonderful space, but very costly.
33 – War and recession make the loft even more expensive.
34 – Adopted [my child]. Called out the President in the local (alternative) newspaper.
35 – Moved out of the expensive loft.
36 – Went back to Yosemite. Became a homeowner. Got blood poisoning. Had knee surgery (torn medial miniscus). Met my future wife, on the night the Braves won the World Series.
37 – Got my first computer. Built my first web page. Covered the Olympics online.
38 – People start paying me to make HTML products.
39 – Went on a spirit walk, Red Rock Road Trip.
40 – Big Boom Times in the photo biz, as well as in web design.
41 – My future wife moves in. I start a weblog (entirely unrelated, I promise).
42 – I get my first digital camera. Started a photoblog (added 2,088 photos since then).
43 – A year of darkness and change. On the night of my birthday, the President told usto uphold the values of America, and remember why so many have come here. We are in a fight for our principles, and our first responsibility is to live by them.” I’ve done my part. Can’t say the same for him.
44 – I get married. And a Canon D60, too. Launch PhotoDude Labs.
45Totaled my wife’s car. Mistakenly identified as [pony-tailed lawyer]. Claimed a Google crown. Consummated our marriage with Leap Year Bisquits.
46 – Made a local pilgrimage in search of closure. Went on a sabbatical from politics (85 days so far). Finally Got A Mac. Started making music songs noises you can download.
47 – Bought my name. Met A Girl Named Caroli, built her a web site, and took hundreds of photos of her. Went through 32 Dark Days, during which I first lost Fuji, and then lost Dad. Found The Digital Grail, and a new form of Togetherness.
48 – Lost my father-in-law. Gained two new family members, and new working conditions. Published my 2,000th Pixel Pile, evolved this 11 year old site, and rebooted PhotoDude Labs. Took my favorite photo of the year.
49 – I worked. Got a Tivo and it made my head explode. I worked. Our kitties got big (19.5 lbs). Both of them (14.5 lbs). I worked. Got Alex and Sarah hitched. I worked. Got an iPhone. And then I worked some more (incredibly busy year, client-wise).
50 – It was an emphatic 50th year, as I joined AARP, acquired an age related disease, and gained a granddaughter (subject of many photos). Message received, Mother Nature.
51 – In my 51st year, Mother Nature continued kicking my butt. First she gave me a minor stroke, through which she revealed a brain aneurysm (see Brain Matters Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, plus Waiting and Contemplating). $50,000 worth of medical care later, I am prepared for surgery Oct. 28th.
52 – Had brain surgery to repair an aneurysm (very successful!). Got a severe haircut, prior to the even more severe surgical haircut & incision (warning: graphic photo). It was quite a hairy transition. Lost a long time good buddy. And six months later, lost another.
53 – Don’t know. Starts today. But I will let you know next year.

Many thanks to Mom and [Dad], not only for bringing me into this world, but also for saving all those pictures from decades ago.

Peanut Gallery

1  John wrote:

Happy birthday, Reid! Always enjoy your annual accounting.

2  Reid wrote:

Thanks, John. This past year was particlarly eventful, in a way I’m thankful to have survived.

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