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The Daily Whim

Sat. Jul 09, 2011

In Memory of Coco, 1992-2011

At the beginning of this year, our home contained six souls. Now we’re down to four. In January, we lost Bosco, and last night, we had to put Coco to sleep.

In Memory of Coco, 1992-2011

Coco was our “special” kitty. He was a bit slow, not terribly co-ordinated, and seemed to lack some basic kitty skills. But he had a good heart.

When we adopted two kittens in 2007, I figured Bosco would be their “mentor,” and Coco would want nothing to do with them. Turned out to be the opposite, as I watched Coco deliver positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement to the young ones, who would curl up with him to share a sun spot.

Coco and Bosco grew up together, so when Bosco passed in January at the age of 19, we knew Coco might soon be joining him. But it happened so fast, He faded quickly over the course of just a few days, to the point we could not let his pain continue.

And there are four souls in our home who are a bit lost today.

Peanut Gallery

1  Always an Angel wrote:

Aw darn Reed, I don’t know what to say. I guess my post at your facebook page must’ve seemed imappropriate. I still grieve my Mattie she was a lil shep-collie and weighed about 45lbs at her best. I had her as well the best part of the last twenty years. She killed a racoon right infront of my eyes once while me and her best friend a springer spaniel named Toby looked on! One day she guarded a big bumble bee as she layed next to it meantime taking little snooze breaks. I could bend you ear for nine miles about her, much more. You know though it is interesting I think that the little kitten cat in the video, was there while you were so heavy into it with little mama Coco. As if a coincedenced white (as in spirit) kitten was saying I’m ready to boot up Mamma and Daddy :) Meow meow made it to the “Rainbow Bridge” and I love you ROAR! My condolences to you and yours my friend.Peace out, Mia

2  ruminator wrote:

It hasn’t been a good year for cats, has it my friend?

I have some sense of how it is. I still find myself waiting for Jack to come around the corner into my home workroom, question-mark tail high, with a silent meow.


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