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The Daily Whim

Brain Matters: A Photo Of The Aftermath

Right Craniotomy Incision

Sorry for the graphic nature of this photo, but this is my life right now (one continual “Bad Hair Day”). And it looks far worse than it feels. In fact, this whole surgery and hospital stay has been much less traumatic than you would certainly think it might be. I was in ICU for about 24 hours, and then they moved me to regular room. The physical therapist checked me out this afternoon, and said she couldn’t help me because I don’t need any (help or therapy). There were even rumblings that they might send me home tomorrow (though my wife is trying to veto that possibility). My guess is that they’ll send me home after Monday morning rounds.

Peanut Gallery

1  Jan wrote:

Did I mention that chicks dig scars?

Susan, do YOU need anything? I know I am late in asking, but I am local and have some free time.

Comment by Jan · 10/30/2010 01:05 AM
2  Reid Stott wrote:

If chicks dig scars, I shall be the most dug guy around. And Susan has been a Super Trooper through all of this. She spent the night with me in ICU last night, but tonight she is sleeping in our own bed.

3  Ruminator wrote:

Holy Shit Batman!

I’m glad you are doing well. Rest well, heal quick, and God bless.

4  Lisa Marie wrote:

Reidio on the Radio…. BEST halloween costume ever! Wendy let the ‘RBN gang know what was going on and so you have been in our thoughts and prayers. I am so glad to see you are doing so well so quickly. This is most likely due to all the clean living we engaged in back in the day. I thought you had learned your lesson back then when you broke your back, but now you’ve gone and broken your brain. You really should be more careful.
= )
Much, Much Super Love x 7,
Lisa Marie

5  Elise wrote:


That is a beauty. You’re going to say you got it fighting pirates, right?

6  Reid wrote:

Elise: “Youíre going to say you got it fighting pirates, right?”

Given the scythe-like shape of the incision, I’m going to say I got it fighting the Grim Reaper. And though it might not look like I won, I damn sure did.

7  Elise wrote:

You most assuredly look like you won.

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