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Fri. Oct 22, 2010

Brain Matters: The Haircut

If you read much about the type of brain surgery I’m having (for the backstory, see earlier “Brain Matters”: Part 1, Part 2, Waiting and Contemplating and Part 3), you find a wide variety of approaches to “prepping the head.” Occasionally they will shave the entire head. Usually they just shave a patch on the right side above your ear. And sometimes they only shave a half inch wide path along the line the C-shaped incision will be made.

But the bottom line is some nurse is going to give you a bad haircut. I decided to pre-empt this by getting a haircut from a professional. Graphic (hair) photos follow.

I don’t think my hair has been this short since I was maybe four years old. That would have been 1962. By the time I was in junior high and high school, nobody had short hair. Not unless you were in the military. And among my age peers, no one had short hair.

Then I went into a career in rock radio as a disc jockey and eventually program director. Just as there were no short haired rock stars in the late 70’s, there were no short haired disc jockeys. I mean, this was the era of Hair Bands (and I love the mix of images on that page).

And just because I got older doesn’t mean I grew up and got a haircut. In 1995, I just starting pulling it back into a ponytail. I was working in advertising photography then, and within a few years was doing web design. Again, not exactly business worlds dominated by three piece suits and conservative haircuts.

So, the first real “hair pressure” that has been put upon me in my whole life is coming from a scalpel. Now, I could leave it long, let them shave whatever part they need to for surgery, and then look like a goofball for months until it grows back.

But since I look goofy enough, hair aside, I decided it was time to go give some barber a thrill … “yes, I’d like you to take this head full of foot long hair and give me a buzzcut.” In fact, since there was a slight language barrier, it took some convincing … “no, really, I want you to cut it all off.” But eventually, he did:

Hair Mug Shots, Before and After

Since I left a huge mess of hair on his floor, I left a $10 tip on the $10 haircut.

And now I feel naked. Even my hats don’t fit any more. I just jumped when I leaned back in my chair and felt the headrest on my neck … there used to be a “ponytail pillow” there.

This may be more traumatic than next Thursday’s brain surgery. So, maybe that means the worst is over!

Peanut Gallery

1  John wrote:

Any concern it might not grow back at all? Please keep us updated with photos!

2  Reid wrote:

From what I understand there may be some damaged follices along the line of incision, but otherwise I expect it will grow back just fine. Will I ever go back to ponytail length? That remains to be seen. The Wife seems to like it short, but that may just be the “strange” effect.

3  pat wrote:

Reid, I’ve been out of touch, and I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with all this. I’m sending good thoughts your way.

On the plus side, you look good with short hair!

Comment by pat · 10/22/2010 06:24 PM
4  elburro wrote:

I’m likin’ the short hair. A porkpie stetson would make it even better.

I too can attest that it grows back. Working 14/7 the past 3 months I’m way past my monthly $10 haircut & I’m looking kinda nasty.

5  Tommy Lamb wrote:

Reid, you almost look like you work for the Government! A fate I would not wish on you for sure! (Since I have an insider’s point of view on that). Dianne thinks you look good! She is pretty nearsighted though. You do have one thing going for you, YOURS WILL GROW BACK. Mine would too, except for the top part. We will be with you in spirit this week, and you are in our constant prayers.

6  Reid wrote:

Thanks for all the kind hair comments. I think only one person on Facebook was hoping it grows back soon, so I guess it looks OK. It is taking some getting used to.

And TL, I can remember when you worked for the government AND had long hair!

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