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The Daily Whim

Sun. Jul 08, 2007

What I've Learned From 9 Week Old Kittens

The kittens arrived a week ago today. Since then, I’ve taken about 10 GB of photos. Seriously.

Leo & CasperLeo"I Do Not Know What Cheezeburger Are. Yet."Kitten Line Dancing

You can view the whole set (89 photos and growing). In addition to having fun new photo subjects, I’ve also learned (or re-learned) a lot from two little kittens:

  • Two can cover up a mess much more quickly and effectively than one. So you should help your brother after he’s done in the litter box.
  • Those who seem large and intimidating at first can be won over with persistence and charm. As long as you’re willing to take a swat or two along the way.
  • With great risks come spectacular failures. And though others may bust a gut laughing at those failures, you should try again. Immediately. Before you learn better.
  • My opinion of my shoes is too low. I apparently take them for granted. For some, they are are source of great entertainment. The same thing with a short thick yellow rope. I must learn to appreciate these simpler things.
  • My knees are nearly 49 years old. In fact, the surgically repaired left one is about to put in for early retirement.
  • If we had a pair of two year olds instead of two kittens … I would be dead. No need for burial or cremation. Just a mop and bucket.
  • You cannot buy more entertainment for $200. Our Big Kitties feel like they got free Kitten Cable TV, and while it was a bit intense at first, now they’re fascinated. Throw in unconditional love … priceless.

Oh, and though they currently may that say this kitten and this one are available for adoption, they are most taken. However, this kitten is still available. He’s their brother, who we did not see last weekend. I met him today, but we feel like our apple cart might be tipped over by one more, as our four boys (two little, Two Big) are melding very well. However, if he’s anything like these two, he’s a real winner.

Peanut Gallery

1  Terri wrote:

This was a cute article. One thing that I think that you forgot, though, is that frequent naps are a must and can give you extra energy to climb those drapes one more time. <s>

2  Reid wrote:

Oh, yes, the drapes. Susan has been talking for a couple of months about getting some new ones for the living room. But she’s decided, maybe that can wait another six months or so…

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