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The Daily Whim

Sat. Jun 30, 2007

A Very Special Caturday

It’s the last day of the month. It’s Caturday. It’s a full moon. It seemed like a good day to go adopt some kittens. So we did. Photos of their arrival follow.

The Arrival 1The Arrival 2The Arrival 3The Arrival 4The Arrival 5The Arrival 6

As yet unnamed (Prince & Duke … Leo & Jack … Julius & Houdini?), these two are brothers, have begun to adapt to their new home, and have started training their humans. More to follow.

Peanut Gallery

1  Johan Svensson wrote:

Aaaaah! Kittens!

I’ve been thinking about getting some company for my cat, but I don’t really know how she’d take a new cat intruding here.

They don’t really look like they minded being in a cage. My cat goes insane if I try to take her somewher in a cage — I have to trim her claws first, or she’ll tear them bloody against the cage door. Breaks my heart to see it, but what else can you do to transport a cat?

2  rturner wrote:

Yeah, before I read anything and just looked at the pictures, I figured you had done them somehow in Photoshop. If we even go into the utility room that holds the cat carriers, you can hear 8 little feet zooming to get to their hiding stations. Congratulations, they look like they’ll have you trained in no time.

3  Reid wrote:

The pet carrier is working out great. I read an article that recommended what they termed “free access crate training” for cats. Meaning, leave the cat carrier on the floor for them, door open, to use as their little safe retreat. So we put a towel and some dirty clothes with our scent in there, and then sprayed it with a little Feliway. That’s what they rode home in (only a couple of miles, but singing like the Kitty tabernacle Choir the whole way.

When we got them home, I took the door off the carrier, and they now use it as their sleeping hangout and safety zone. Whenever there’s a big strange noise or they are startled, they bolt for the carrier, and peek out from its holes.

Of course, before long they’ll be too big to both fit in there, but for now, it’s working out well.

4  Susan wrote:

Proud Mama here has been busy with her new brood but they are indeed the next generation of Love Bugs! They have gotton our “view” way outside the box….. Or behind the box….... or in the box ready to pounce.

This is a great exhibit of “planned parenthood”.

New Mama

5  John wrote:

Great set over at Flickr. I can see where your photographic efforts will be aimed for the next little while.

6  Reid wrote:

Yes, John, many pixels have been and will be expended on these critters. In fact, it’s kind of funny. The 5D is great for high ISO shots, but with kittens, sometimes you just have to have flash to freeze their antics. So I broke out the old Canon D60, since it has the built in pop-up flash. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve used it to any extent.

“Oh, my, how primitive. Dark viewfinder and tiny LCD. I have to go to the main menu to change ISO? And why is the power switch up here?”

Then I compared the 800 ISO shots from the D60 to the 1600 ISO shots from the 5D. Wow. I’d forgotten how good I’ve got it.

As for the kittens, after 36 hours in their new home, Leo & Casper seem to be outrageously happy. It just wears them out quite often. And I’ve never seen two kittens quite so bonded. They are very tight brothers.

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