The Daily Whim

The Daily Whim

Sun. Jun 03, 2007

The Evolving Whim

While lots of people “reboot” on May 1, June 3 seems to be the magic day for me, as it was at this time last year that I told you about “I Call It ‘Sketchy’” (see also, “ through the years”). That was a full fledged redesign, whereas today you’re looking at more of an “evolution,” done to accommodate the rebooting of PhotoDude Labs.

The visual changes are obvious but relatively minor: a slight shift in color palette, a nod to larger monitors and resolutions by moving the images to a line at the top (i.e., “lowering the fold”), plus an extra 40 pixels of width that mostly became “nothing” (added white space). Having succumbed to the Twitter Trend, I decided to add my latest “tweet” at the top of the right column. It will generally be a short, snarky, random and/or irrelevant remark emitted by one of the voices in my head during the course of the day. In fact, that right column with the “tweets,” quotes, and links, will likely be the most active and updated spot on the home page.

There’s been a “backstage” streamlining (caching has brought database requests down by 60%). And there is a new RSS feed, which I call “One Big Feed,” that combines the text, links and quotes from this site, my Flickr photos feed, and my bookmarks feed (the “Text Only” and “Photos Only” feeds are still available, too).

And that’s about it. A fresh coat of pixels that will hopefully last until the next time I get the whim to evolve.

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