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My Life As An RSS Junkie — “Unfortunately my experiment with RSS abstinence didn’t last long. It’s almost impossible to be a functional RSS addict in our society. RSS has become so pervasive there‚Äôs simply no way to escape it. Everywhere I look I see those damn orange icons.

Peanut Gallery

1  John wrote:

Saw this in your RSS feed…

2  Reid wrote:


I’ve been trying to whittle my subscriptions to a manageable level, so this article struck a chord.

Is 58 manageable? Not quite. Damn orange icons.

3  emcee fleshy wrote:

Funny, I liked RSS for exactly this reason.

The cycle of casual-use / addiction / unbearable-intrusiveness / rock-bottom was so much faster than with the regular internet. So it only black-holed a couple of weeks of my life, rather than months at a time.

I give it five stars!

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