The Daily Whim

The Daily Whim

Sun. Dec 31, 2006

Getting In Gear

I last posted anything I claimed to be “music” on Valentine’s Day. I started working on another “song” shortly thereafter, actually thought I had it pretty close to done, and then all Hell broke loose.

Since then I’ve been so busy with work and other Life-related time-sucking vortexes that opening up Garageband has become something I just didn’t seem to have time for anymore. I thought about it. But any attempt at a burst of random creativity has [1] been blocked, [2] stalled out from a lack of fuel, or [3] mostly got redirected into profitable directions.

But the other night I found myself clicking the Guitar icon in my dock, and it automatically opened that last construct right where I left off over ten months ago. Talk about your time-delayed perspective. What I had thought was nearly done actually needed restructuring, remixing, and one more oddball sound.

I don’t know that it’s any better. But after ten months, it’s done:

Getting In Gear.mp3

Other tunage can be found on the downloads page.

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