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The Daily Whim

Thu. Dec 28, 2006

My Favorite Photo of the Year

You might wonder why I’d say this is my favorite photo of the year. To your eyes, it’s probably just a picture of a little girl in an old wagon.

Caroli in Dad's wagon

But to my eyes, there’s a much greater context. That rusty red wagon was given to my Dad for Christmas when he was a child during the Depression. Long before he passed away in March, he’d said he wanted to pass that wagon on to his granddaughter. So on Christmas day, we made sure that happened as he wanted, and I made the photo above. I see the context of my whole year in that one photo.

Over the past year, my niece Caroli has become by far my favorite photo subject, four Flickr sets worth. So for Christmas I put together a collage (best viewed large) of her first year with LeeAnn and Danny, from November of 2005 when she arrived from China, through November of 2006. 18 of my favorite images across that 12 months (including one where she was mad at me).

It’s the best kind of “Year End Review” there is. And the only one you’re likely to get around here.

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