The Daily Whim

The Daily Whim

Tue. Aug 29, 2006


It’s been one of those days.

Here’s a photoillustration of Reid’s Bad Day.

And a photoillustration of Susan’s Bad Day.

Obviously, she got the worst of it. Both we’ve both definitely had better days.

Update: Click through to “Read the full article” to see some added photos from today’s doctor visit.

Another Update, Tues. 9/5: They drugged her and cut her this morning, inserted medical bling, and had us on our way home 80 minutes after they first rolled her towards the OR. In ten days she gets her stitches out, and starts rehab (Later: stitches are out, and the final x-ray can be seen below). Modern techonology is amazing. They’ve fixed my wife once again, even though her warranty expired long ago.


About all you can say is … “Owwwwww!”

Peanut Gallery

1  John wrote:

Did you at least get the ticket rushing to her aid?

2  Reid wrote:

Yes, I was in Mississippi visiting my Mom when I got the call from Susan this morning. I said “Hey,” and she said “wrist broken … bad.”

Luckily, her son was able to get to the hospital pretty quickly, and I got packed up and hit the road. Would have made record time, if it wasn’t for that Alabama State Trooper who insisted I stop and talk to him for a bit.

I ended up getting home from 300 miles away about 5 minutes before she got home from the hospital.

3  MildChild wrote:

Oh, Good lord, Reid—that is a bad day. So sorry, for her especially.

How’d the wrist happen?

4  Reid wrote:

Susan was walking out of her office to go to a meeting, and tripped over a stealth-enhanced speed bump. Or an inchworm. Or a fairie. Or maybe it was Al Qaeda. We can’t be sure. All she knows is her foot caught on something, and next thing she knew she was a tippin’ over.

Instincts cause you to put out your hand to break your fall. Your good hand, of course. No need to bust that other arm that you use so little. And my guess is that her weight landed on the base of her thumb, but though her hand was stopped by the floor, her radius and ulna kept going … around her hand. You see the result in the X-Ray (which, BTW, they now give you on a CD); dislocated wrist with bone fragments.

And a lot of pain. She’s had a rough night.

5  Susie wrote:

Oh no that is not good at all. My roommate just got pulled over for not having a license plate on the front of her car. He then proceeded to give her a ticket for wearing her seatbelt incorrectly even though she had it on.

6  MildChild wrote:

You know, when I was a kid, I broke both my wrists when I fell backwards roller skating. The old instinctive stick “break the fall” move. So good arm or bad arm, the silver lining is that she only stuck out ONE of them.

Way, way too much info, but perhaps it will make her laugh (you should probably wait until the pain subsides, though): tell her she can at least wipe her own butt, unlike some people we know who had both arms in bent-elbow casts at the same time (remember those icky old-school plaster casts?)

Poor woman. I know how much that hurts. Hope they gave her good drugs.

7  Charlie Mac wrote:

I prefer to believe that Susan broke her hand on the troopers jaw bc he failed to “recognize” her and she was incensed at the “ponytail profiling” that was responsible for you being ticketed in the first place. Personally- I think she’s got a shot at a constituency in Dekalb County…. Sorry bout the string of bad luck! Things will improve.

8  elburro wrote:

That wrist is going to hurt for a while. Sorry to hear that.

“Ponytail profiling”? Hmmm….it is Bama. As my favorite former dj at the Clark jazz station said after playing “Stars Fell on Alabama” by Billie Holiday…..”You won’t catch me in ‘ol Bama when the stars are fallin’. I can guarantee you that!”

9  Anthony wrote:

Wait a minute, Reid is your middle name?

10  Reid wrote:

MildChild (oh, the irony of that moniker): “tell her she can at least wipe

This is very true. And at the ortho doc’s office this afternoon, we saw people in far worse shape.

But I’ve also enjoyed teasing her, “welcome to My Left-Handed Hell. Here’s your chainsaw.”

Then Chuckles said: “I prefer to believe that Susan broke her hand on the troopers jaw

You don’t know how close you joke to the truth. She can be a feisty sort, and though I’ve never seen her throw a blow in our 11 years, I believe I’ve at least seen the thought cross her face.

So I said I was sorry, and it passed.

As for the “ponytail profiling,” I got no beef. The only argument I could make in court is that I thought I was going 84mph, not 83mph. He had me by laser long before he could have seen any ponytail.

And frankly, when I explained why I was in such a hurry, he didn’t lollygag around and take half an hour writing me up, or want to search my trcuk, or any of the hoo-ha you sometimes get. I was out of there in about ten minutes, and all he said in closing was … “be careful” ... because I think he knew I was going to go right back to speeding. And since I knew it was a risk I was taking, I hardly even got upset about it. Circumstances required it.

And, hey, I got the sideview mirror photo out of it.

From DonkeyBoy: “That wrist is going to hurt for a while

Boy howdy. I’ve seen Susan through a couple of fairly serious surgeries, and a couple of hard core flareups of Crohn’s. And she’s got a pretty high threshhold for pain. But this has been really bad for her.

We found out today that, in part, it was because they didn’t exactly set it properly at the ER. The ortho fixed that today, and the before and after x-rays shown above tell me she’ll have a better time of it now. But the first 24 hours, she’s been a hurtin’ girl.

Come Tuesday morning, she gets some medical bling inserted in her, an assortment of screws and plates, as the doctor said, “to make it all pretty.” Because it’s pretty ugly right now.

From “Anthony” (I think I shall now call you Marc): “Wait a minute, Reid is your middle name?

Yeah … what of it?

There’s no family history to it (nor is there for Gregory), and I couldn’t tell you why my parents chose that as The Name By Which I Would Be Known.

In second grade, I got tired of the teacher saying “Reid, read to the class,” and insisted on being called Gregory. I think it lasted a week or so.

11  Charlie Mac wrote:

I’m glad Susan is feeling better. By the way- what’s up with chuckles? he must be a friend of Jason’s…. It’s not nice to dis someone who owes you money. :) But hey- I guess if you can’t offend a friend then what’s the point- right J? Or maybe that’s the price of admission for wandering into your domain… now i know. Cheers.

12  Reid wrote:

Charles said: “By the way – what’s up with chuckles? he must be a friend of Jason’s

Jason Foxx? He lived and died during one short summer in the late 70’s at Gulf 104 in Tallahassee. As for “what’s up with chuckles,” just yanking chains, with clear effect.

It’s not nice to dis someone who owes you money [...] Or maybe that’s the price of admission for wandering into your domain.

Honestly, this domain rarely if ever speaks of, or with, my clients. But when one shows up in my digital living room, why, it would be rude to treat them differently than I do anyone else.

Besides, after twenty years working for you freelance in two different careers, I think you can take it.

Meanwhile, my Mom, who is mastering email, but hasn’t quite gotten to making comments on my site, sent me this:

“Reid, When you were born in 1958, there were so many Charles Stott’s in the family, that Dad and I insisted not to have a family name. We searched that there was not a Gregory or Reid anywhere, and it is true for Brett, too (my brother). When LeeAnn (my sister) came along, it was perfect to name her after two Grandmothers and her Dad, no Charles’ (“Lee” was my dad’s and grandmother’s middle name). It was very confusing in the earlier years with so many Charles’. Sorry, we didn’t think about Read (a book) and Reid.”

Well, I don’t recall being upset about my name other than that brief week in second grade. And between my first and last name, it makes for some entertaining mail at times. My favorite was a letter addressed to “Read Stopp.”

And this morning, Mrs. Read Stopp is doing much better after having her fracture reset yesterday. She’s still having pain, but nowhere near what it was the first day.

13  Kevin Bauder wrote:

What a tough week.

BTW my middle name is also Reid. I liked it enough to give it to my son as a first name ( and – no kidding- he is recovering from a broken wrist from a scooter wreck).


14  +Walt wrote:

Hope she heals quickly Reid. I think you can relax now.
Your run of poor luck has finally passed. ;) Be sure that
Susan does her therapy. My mother broke hers at almost
the exact same place a year ago last month. She had a tough
row to hoe as she didn’t start therapy soon enough.
You wife is young so she’ll back to normal in about 9
months. Then she’ll be able to write with both hands. ;)
Among other skills.

15  Steve Barton wrote:


I hope your wife’s recovery is going well—I am sorry to hear of her injury. And I have a question on that— the doc’s call THAT x-ray a “dislocated wrist with bone fragments”?! What does it have to look like to be called “broken”? Sheesh, that thing was knocked way out of whack.

All the best,
Steve Barton

16  Reid wrote:

Steve, the official diagnosis was “dislocation with distal radius fracture,” though her ulna was chipped as well.

But, yes, “way out of whack” is the layman’s description. However, the surgery Tuesday wired her whack back, and she actually went to work for a half day yesterday.

Lucky her, she gets to go around with her hair styled … by me. Black hats appear to be “in” this season.

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