The Daily Whim

The Daily Whim

Mon. Sep 26, 2005

Bamboo Blues

OK, so I dumped a couple of songs on you last week, my first efforts ever with my Birthday GarageKey, and it was a bit like a child showing off fingerpaintings. If you can recognize that the green thing is a tree, well, the kid’s doin’ great! If you downloaded them, I appreciate it. If you didn’t, don’t bother. I’ve got something much better.

Those first two “songs” were me trying to understand how the “paint” works (as well as my fingers), and this time, to maintain the metaphor, I actually previsualized an idea and drew a picture. I started off with perhaps the most classic and ripped off blues riff of all time, or rather, the best imitation of it I could do. It’s probably best personified by “I’m A Man” by Muddy Waters, though I, um, “simplified” the riff from fives notes to four.

And then I built a song around it: Bamboo Blues (4:26, 6.1MB).

Peanut Gallery

1  rturner wrote:

Yes, this is starting to get good. Something new! I like the change in the middle, and of course the high treble on the bass sounds like you’re about to reach out and start poppin’ it. That keyboard opens up a world of possibilities.

2  Reid wrote:

The keyboard does open up all kinds of possibilities, and I bet there will be even more when/if I learn how to play it worth a damn. Odd as it may sound, I’m surviving on software skills right now. In the photo world, the “shifted solution” used to be “um, we’ll fix that in the darkroom.” With this, it’s “um, I’ll fix that in the mix, or just move the note within the loop.”

Another problem … I’m left handed. The digits on my left hand seem to have some crude sense of rhythm, and usually do pretty much what my brain tells them, even if the brain is wrong.

The digits on my right hand respond like Nick Nolte on a bender. I’ve taken to calling it my “club hand.”

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