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The Daily Whim

Thu. Sep 01, 2005

Sound Inflictions 3 and 4

I warned you once. I warned you twice. But with over 500 downloads so far, you failed to squash this addiction to Garageband, and the resulting afflictions on you, Dear Reader Listener. And now, like some evil mutant zygote, the rate of growth has doubled. You now get two songs demi-musical constructs in one blast.

I mean, we’re now talkin’ a third of an album. In my head, this “album” has even taken on a dual meaning name: “Bamboo In Yer Ear.” And there’s now a download page, with recently uploaded remixes of the first two songs demi-musical constructs. This thing has now grown beyond your ability to stop it, because you didn’t squash it on the beach when it was just one weak MP3.

Now there’s four.

So, allow me to introduce my new Frankenstein Twins (though they are definitely fraternal). First, there’s an attempt at something resembling crunchy garage rock. But as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t play anything (well, other than one four note passage), I just mix existing loops. And in the arena of rock sounds, Garageband is pretty limiting. But I gave it my best shot: “Crunch In The Garage” MP3 (5.18MB, 3:46)

And if you haven’t noticed, I tend to give these … things … fairly descriptive titles, since they’re just instrumental constructs. And that’s true of number two: “Upright Stringey Vibe” MP3 (4.9MB, 3:33)

So what’s next? Heck if I know. However, after making my “playing debut” on “Crunch in the Garage,” I found playing the notes by pressing ”; ; l i” to be not only silly, but seriously lacking in precision. So there may be a cheap USB keyboard in my future (oooh, even cheaper here).

Peanut Gallery

1  rturner wrote:

“But with over 500 downloads so far, you failed to squash this addiction to Garageband…”

Aha, should this addiction become fullblown, I see excess bandwidth charges in your future….perhaps we need a little “add to cart” button or twelve….

I hate to enable encourage this but it’s definitely getting better. Every band should have a horn section. And all this on a computer keyboard. Dang.

I can see where this all might be heading and it isn’t pretty. For now, suffice it to say that yes, the Dummies books are now available in guitar, bass and keyboard, because at some point…

2  Reid wrote:

Excess bandwidth charges? A little bird who has root whispered that at some hosts, you’ve got to bust the bandwidth bank for the whole server before that would happen. And I did track the jump from the addition of the first two … and I’m still under by a comfortable margin. But, yeah, if it becomes a problem, these could be pulled … so download ‘em now, kids!

And there’s only one four note passage I “played” on the keyboard. It’s about one minute into “Crunch” ... it’s an odd counterpoint that, well, sounds like someone pressing ; ; l i to me.

My birthday is coming up, said the young boy who hoped for a cheap USB keyboard.

3  Harvey wrote:

FINALLY got around to listening to those 2.

Crunch kicks ass.

Upright… s’okay, but it’s not my style and it didn’t move me.

4  Reid wrote:

Thanks, Harvey, glad you liked Crunch. And the two songs are pretty widely divergent from each other. I’m still just playing around with the loops, and the various “styles” they come in. I’ve been playing around with an acoustic track that may never see the light of day. It’s just another style, another chance to learn a little more, and have a lot of fun. That’s all this is about for me.

And I’ll be watching tomorrow to share vicariously in your birthday presents!

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