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Wed. Jul 14, 2004

Call Off Da Dawgs

Ugly Update: (8/2/04) The Happy Ending below was a false ending. 19 days later, I’ve found the promise of a FedEx was broken. 19 days later, Operation Give still doesn’t have its money from Atlas Lines. More Here. (Later: An update from August 5: The Check’s In, and It Bounces!)

I’ve just gotten back from my trip to Atlas Line, to investigate the problem with Operation Give. Some people have been saying this may be blown out of proportion, or a part of regular business. Others have wondered why the entry about it doesn’t appear in Chief Wiggles home page (it seems he’s getting a big plug from NBC, and didn’t want the controvery up front and center).

I can’t give you all the details I learned this afternoon, but let me assure you, this was not “regular business.” Yes, there was a hold placed on the check by the bank due to the large amount, but it was admitted to me this did not fully account for the delay. This was not an overreaction on the part of anyone associated with Operation Give. And it’s my opinion that the pressure brought to bear over the past 24 hours is the only way this would have been quickly resolved.

The bottom line: a check has been cut, and is being overnighted to Kuwait. A copy of the check and the overnight receipt have been faxed, which is usually enough to secure a release. So, hopefully, Operation Give is back on track.

I won’t pretend it was my trip down there that did the trick. They’d already gotten lots of phone calls and e-mails, and a few media inquiries. Last time I checked, about 40 sites had written about this. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to let them know someone local was physically on the case. By the time I arrived, it had already become clear to them that they needed to make this go away, fast, and the wheels were in motion. However, when I show up in a suit (with the ACLU Lawyer Ponytail accessory), I can look pretty scary. That’s why I do it so rarely.

And when I left, I made sure it was on good terms, with contact info exchanged. In case we need to meet again. But I have a feeling … that’s a wrap! So call off the dawgs, they wuz lookin’ pretty beat down at Atlas…

Peanut Gallery

1  Reecie wrote:

It is right and proper that you use your Ponytail Powers only for good, never for evil.

And how excellent that things have been resolved so quickly!

2  Susan wrote:

Go get em honey!

You will still be wearing your suit when I get home, right???

3  Michele wrote:

Nice job, Reid. You’re like the conservative Ron Kuby!

4  Kathy K wrote:

Heh. I’ve seen that suit and ponytail combination before (though not on you). It is very effective.

Good work. Now I’m running about leaving comments in an attempt to help you get people to call off the dogs…

Yay! Thanks for going there in person. Nice photo, too :-)

6  Jarrett wrote:

Nice work! As with journalism, never underestimate the power of a present human face, willing to hold people accountable. I like the ACLU look, very cool!

7  Matt S. wrote:

Man…that is one scary suit!
Did you ever work with Will Smith?

Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to go ‘the extra mile’, PhotoDude.
The story stirred up quite a ruckus at The Rottie click here And you can bet that a few of those calls and E-Mails were sent by Loyal Citizens (LCs) and Glorious Women Of The Rottweiler (GLORs)

Strength In Numbers:


9  Harvey wrote:

Just wanted to say “thanks”.

10  Tammi wrote:

What wonderful news!! Great job – and thanks for the update.

11  phaTTboi wrote:

Nothin’ succeeds like determination under a ponytail. I know, I used ta be a married guy…

Hoping for your sake that this good deed will go unpunished. Nice work on a mitzvah.

12  mary wrote:

Face-to-face meetings always accomplish a lot – espcially with the help of the ACLU/MIB look. Glad to hear that it’s a wrap.

13  Peter wrote:

Good job, thanks.

14  foo wrote:

Thank you!

Comment by foo · 07/15/2004 04:21 AM
15  Richard Riley wrote:

As soon as I read they wanted a $10k deposit on a shipping container, I knew there was something bad. I buy them used, referbed and water tight for $1450, at any port in the country.

16  BloodSpite wrote:

Thought you would be intrested in this PhotoDude

I had posted both on my website and at trying to round up some help.

You now have a fan in him it seems.

Heres the link!

17  Patrick wrote:

Great job. Love the suit.

18  oceanguy wrote:

A mensch in a pony tail… good on ya

19  Moira Breen wrote:

Good on you, Reid. (Very disconcerting suit and ‘do. The clues don’t mesh. ACLU? Mormon missionary? MiB? Who is this guy? What is this guy?)

20  Victor wrote:


21  Fausta wrote:

Great job!
And your photo reminds me of Agent Smith (The Matrix)

22  Dean Esmay wrote:

We owe you one. Seriously.

Any time you need a personal favor, or just a link, or whatever, you just ask me my friend.

23  Rhianna wrote:

ACLU Lawyer? You look like you could join MIB, especially with the shades.

Good to hear we got through to them. Greedy B******s!

24  Andrew | BB wrote:

Very nice look. Half your commentators here probably hate the ACLU under any other circumstance, but hey .. you roll the bones, right?
—Jack Rott. – you realize you sound like a compete and utter dick, right?

Oh, OK. Good.

Yep, and I’m a dick for pointing it out – I just thought you sounded about 3 years old.

25  Reid wrote:

I really appreciate all of the comments and links this has received. Well, other than that last one (I guess it takes one to know one, eh, Dick Andrew?).

But I want to emphasize, this was really about the “power of the blogosphere,” not just one guy in a suit and sunglasses. More than 40 sites covered this, many of them far bigger fish than me, and that was what caused the real impact. It came on the phones and in e-mail, not a black suit.

By the time I arrived in mid-afternoon, well, let’s just say it was the eighth inning, the game was effectively over, and I’m the guy who got the easy gig of “closer.” So there’s an uncountable number of people who deserve a pat on the back over this one.

And though I titled that image “maninblack.jpg”, I think I like Fausta’s description: Agent Smith in The Matrix. Except with a moustache and goatee. But I definitely have the same “extended forehead” problem that he does.

26  Michael wrote:

Yep, when Instapundit posted the cry for help I simply picked up the phone and called a buddy of mine, who just happens to be an editor at the AJC and he was more that delighted to pass the info to the city desk. Then I email the local NBC affiliate station that just happened to have a “did you get ripped off?” section and told them of the details, with a ”by the way Chief Wiggle will be on NBC Nightly News, Thursday”. I’m sure that caught their attention.

I just luv the internet!

27  Andrew | BB wrote:

I’m sorry. Humble.

It did just struck me as stupid. I should have avoided the d word.

28  Reid wrote:

No problem, Andrew. Besides, you’ve been topped.

Now that Paul’s Prophecy (“Hoping for your sake that this good deed will go unpunished”) has been fulfilled, this thread is closed.

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