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The Daily Whim

Sat. Mar 20, 2004

My Activist Roots

My Activist Roots – I think I know this guy: Tour of Meridian tells the tale, By Herb Stott / guest columnist. Yep, that’s my Dad, administering another thrashing of local ”leadership” in Meridian, Mississippi, by taking readers on an economic tour of the town:

Come, see and participate In Meridian’s economic opportunities … You have to try to appreciate the results of Meridian’s leadership’s concepts of creative business opportunities that may be seen as you tour Meridian … About one-half block toward downtown, notice on the left a 300,000-500,000 sq. ft vacant Village Fair Mall with a huge fenced-in empty parking lot. It has been empty since 1997 … Note the 12-15 story brick office building just beyond the park. That is Meridian’s tallest building located at just about the center of downtown. It is shut down and empty … Other significant available facilities that are not on the above tour are the several thousand square foot Delco-Remy manufacturing plant that closed down in 1997 and the Meridian Machine Works manufacturing plant that closed down in 2003. Both of those plants are near the Meridian airport … Any help that this community can get is badly needed and will be appreciated.

Now you might have a slightly better understanding about where my sometimes sarcastic tone came from. I may have coddled it myself over time, but it was there from the beginning, genetically. My ”letter-to-the-editor” career began in high school. I keep telling Dad, his may end up getting him elected.

This usually begats a round of much head shaking and muttering consisting mostly of the word ”no.”

Peanut Gallery

1  Anonymous @ wrote:

The link to Mr. Stott's article somehow doesn't go where it should. I, with amazing detecting ability, found said article here. My good deed for the day is done. And now that the pressure is off I can go back to my regular life.

Comment by Anonymous @ · 03/20/2004 03:14 PM
2  Jim wrote:

Okay. The previous comment was not supposed to by anonymous. I goofed up. I only admit to it because I need all the "good deed" credit I can get. The Pearly Gates are ever nigh. And, if you've ever read my website, you'll realize that I'm going to have some 'splainin' to do.

Comment by Jim · 03/20/2004 03:18 PM
3  Reid wrote:

Thanks, I.P. 68.39..., er, I mean, Jim. That link (now updated) worked just fine 11 hours ago when I made the entry. I guess things move fast in Meridian. As for the "Pearly Gates," I imagine you'll find Saint Peter sitting there with a thermos of coffee, expecting a whole lotta 'splainin' from you. If there's any justice, he'll start with, "why did you let all the talent displayed in Underground Photoshop Tennis simply disappear into the ether, a terminal 404?" That ought to get you a few days in Purgatory, just by itself. You see, it's true! No good deed goes unpunished.

4  Jim wrote:

I ... ummm ... lost the Photoshop Tennis files. But, while rummaging through my stuff in the garage the other day I found a bunch of disks. Maybe one of them has the PS Tennis files. I swear I'll look for 'em.

Comment by Jim · 03/20/2004 09:08 PM
5  Reid wrote:

It's so much fun to book a guilt trip for your friends. I know you have much restoration, packing, moving, unpacking, and other forms of chaos in your life right now. So I'll hold your reservation on this guilt trip until you find the time to complete your booking. Thank you for travelling with PhotoDude Airlines (no longer associated with Martha Stewart Living ... we do our own guilt trips now)

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