The Daily Whim

The Daily Whim

Fri. Mar 05, 2004

We're Number One

We’re Number One – If you go to Google, type in ”rotten kitty,” and click the button that says ”I’m Feeling Lucky,” you are taken straight to this page (at least until Google updates their index again).

When I informed Bosco that he was currently the Number One Rotten Kitty in the Whole Web World, this was his reaction:

Rotten Kitty

Peanut Gallery

1  Janet wrote:

This is great! Made my morning, thanks!

2  Reecie wrote:

That's the best #1 Rotten Kitty photo I have ever seen. I want to rub his rotten fuzzy tummy!

3  Reid wrote:

Ooooh, that might make his tail stand up... he'd like that.

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