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The Daily Whim

Thu. Mar 04, 2004

Year of the Biscuit: A Marriage Consummated

Year of the Biscuit: A Marriage Consummated – I would be remiss (and likely in the dog house) if I didn’t mention that Susan and I finally consummated our marriage last weekend. No, no, no, not that way.

When I was making random predictions for 2004, I called it the Year of the Biscuit: ”For a prediction on the personal front, we turn to a running joke in our household. It’s a commonly known fact that a true Southern Wife can make her husband biscuits … from scratch. Now, she doesn’t have to do it every day, or even every month, she just has to have the capability. In fact, prior to our ceremony, I made sure my brother-in-law included it in the vows (he claimed it was covered under the ’submitting’ clause).”

”Yet here we are 14 months later, and our marriage has not been fully consummated. But I predict that 2004 will be the Year of the Biscuit.”

Now I can say that I was right about at least one thing this calendar year. In fact, we may have started a new tradition. Leap Year Biscuits (there was a trial run a couple of weeks ago we’re generously not going to count, as it resulted in something closer to cookies than biscuits). Since Leap Year Biscuits only have to happen on February 29, Susan’s thinking it’s a great idea. Photographic evidence follows…


Peanut Gallery

1  Harvey wrote:

Those look yummy! Can I have one? :-)

2  Reid wrote:

Sure, Harv. The Biscuit Kitchen re-opens on the next February 29th ... 2008. The one's pictured have long since been ... consume-ate-ed.

3  John wrote:

Those look pretty good, but I'm sure the proof was in the tasting, and the accompaniment. I like mine with a) butter and grape jelly; b) sausage gravy; c) stewed tomatoes; or d) cradling a chunk of ham.

4  SMASH wrote:

Reid, I'm marking my calendar. Tell Susan to make an extra tray. See you guys in about four years.

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