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Thu. Nov 13, 2003

Another Religious Terrorist

Another Religious TerroristHe believed in violence as a means of expressing his religious fury, openly admired those who had gone before him, and prayed to follow in their footsteps. His talk of targets included my home state, President Bush and former President Clinton. And he’d purchased materials to make his plans a violent reality.

His name is Stephen John Jordi. He’s an American. A former Army Ranger. And a member of the ”Army of God,” our own Christian Al Qaeda.

Despite his ultimate failure, he deserves the same contempt we reserve for Al Qaeda, for trying to pervert religion to fit his violent desires. And he deserves equal justice. Because when you strip away his religious rhetoric, you find yet another killer-wannabe who’s found a way to twist the words of a religion of peace and forgiveness to fit his murderous impulse.

But this appears to be a second rung sidebar story that won’t generate much if any commentary, and I find that a bit bothersome. If we as Americans don’t step forward and loudly condemn such an obvious self-declared religious terrorist, how can we ask Muslims to do the same of the obvious self-declared religious terrorists of their faith?

Peanut Gallery

1  Joel wrote:

Why do these terrorists keep turning up with training in our military elite units?

2  Mel wrote:

Well said Dude. It's a serious question that the religious right, among others, needs to address. I'm reminded of those people who helped Eric Rudolf evade capture for so long. How does one justify killing in the name of God?

Comment by Mel · 11/13/2003 11:51 PM
3   wrote:

By using the same crazy ass logic that led them to believe in an omnipotent invisible superhero living in the sky...

Comment by · 11/14/2003 04:50 AM
4  ruminator wrote:

On the mark, as usual. This perversion of religion in the name of violence has to be extinguished, even if that means extinguishing the participants, one by one.

5  Joel wrote:

Extinguishing ruminator? A little too drastic and so much like them, don't you think? The thing we don't like is the fact that they kill for God. Are we going to pair that with killing for Godlessness? That's not going to play well in Peoria.

6  Byna wrote:

Christians don't need to disavow him. Why not? you ask. Because they (implicitly) already have. He has been arrested and will be tried for his crimes. Chritians were instrumental in setting up and maintaining the US government. While it would be nice to have the Falwells of the world disavow him, the average Christian does not need to. They already have. Byna, an atheist.

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