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The Daily Whim

Sun. Sep 28, 2003

Get Yer Blues

Get Yer BluesThis review of the PBS series, “The Blues,” says we can expect the following things over the next week’s worth of shows:

  • From Scorsese, we get a West African musician describing the truth in John Lee Hooker’s music.
  • From Wenders, the joy of discovering unknown footage of his favorite zebra-suited bluesman.
  • From Richard Pearce, a journey to the heart of Southern music and culture.
  • From Charles Burnett, a kind of “2001”-in-reverse scene where a plucked string from a front-porch instrument becomes so much more.
  • From Levin, never-before-seen footage of Chicago blues great Howlin’ Wolf.
  • From Figgis, a chance to get to know the unsung heroes of British blues.
  • And from Eastwood, a shared sheepish grin with Ray Charles that turns into hearty guffaws when they realize they said a word that might not play in prime time.

New footage of a Howlin’ Wolf performance? Now that was one scarey man. I can hardly wait.

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