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The Daily Whim

Tue. Sep 23, 2003

Welcome to My New Digital Home!

Welcome to My New Digital Home! – I know, it looks pretty much the same (trust me, that took a lot of work). But if you’re seeing this entry, you’re now viewing on its brand spankin’ new server space.As of now (Tuesday afternoon), the DNS transfer is beginning to propagate. I have one small problem I cant correct until it does, which simply means youll get an error if you try to leave a comment.

But waiting for DNS to propagate is torturous for a blogger of any volume. Stuff happens, thoughts spring to mind, and then … where do I post it? On the old server where people can see it now, but it will soon dissappear? Or on the new server where no one can see it yet? Today I got too frustrated to wait any longer, so below this entry you’ll find several new ones. Scroll on down.

While it’s not visible to you, this new digital home is much more spacious (675 MB vs. 300 MB), and far more modern (PHP, MySQL, subdomains, and more). Even simple functions within MT that failed for various reasons on the old server (no pings sent, some plug-ins wouldn’t work) have been welcome additions while building this version.

So, what’s new that is visible to you? There’s been a slight revamping of the way Arbitrary Secondaries is archived … my sometimes snarky comments within the title tag are now visible in text.

PixelPile has been converted from Greymatter to MT. Moving one web application to a new server was as much as I was prepared to deal with (sorry, Noah, but thanks for the years of great service). However, due to the way I had it setup in Greymatter, importing the old version into MT didn’t make sense, as it would have straitjacketed a lot of functionality. So I started over from scratch with the new version, and have uploaded and linked all of the previous PixelPile archives. All 1,373 of them.

Perhaps most enjoyable for me are the changes in QuoteLog. It’s been imported from its old Greymatter form into MT, which allows me to create categories. So you can now browse through over 700 quotes broken out into 46 categories like Creativity, Insults, even a page of quotes from Web Pundits. All searchable, and with an RSS feed.

Otherwise, things should be as they were. But of course, when you move a 7 year old domain with 5 “weblogs” and 290 MB of files, no matter how hard you try, some things get dropped. Lost. Or broken. So, if you encounter anything that seems odd (or rather, odder than normal), please let me know.

Peanut Gallery

1  Anon wrote:

For Win2k and XP you can C:\>ipconfig /flushdns to remove the dns cache.

Comment by Anon · 09/28/2003 11:26 AM
2  Gina wrote:

You be fertile! Congrats on making the move without destroying anything. I haven't always done so well.

3  rturner wrote:

So far you're looking good in Konquerer. The Gumby 1 image took a long time to load for some reason, but everything else appears to be quick and looking good. If you've got 3 or 4 different blogs operating here, it's possible that on one of them I hit a router that was trying to make its mind up. From the Not Too Shabby Dept, your new site also pulls up pretty readable in lynx (a "non-standard" browser??!!! grrrr.) It's late and I'm fooling around on my old linux box.

Comment by rturner · 09/28/2003 11:27 AM
4  PhotoDude wrote:

Gina! Damn, do I have to change web hosts to draw you out for a comment? And while I haven't "destroyed" anything, I've definitely got some stuff that's broken. Part of the problem was that I’ve got thousands of pages that call images from “,” and in testing this server, by gum they all showed up. Once the DNS transfer took effect ... oops ... no Print Store images! They were on the old server, and had happily answered to calls for “” when I was testing, but today it’s a broken image. That’s likely why Gumby was slow to load. So I’ve got a few things to clean up. And I’m still trying to solve a MySQL problem that is causing errors when you try to post a comment. Since I am totally clueless about MySQL, so any help would be appreciated of you have a clue what this error means: “Statement has no result columns to bind (perhaps you need to successfully call execute first) at lib/MT/ObjectDriver/ line 44.” It happens when you try to save a new entry, or comment.

5  rturner wrote:

I found some help specifically relating to that error in MT Here. It sounds like a corrupted database and they have what looks like a simple fix, expecially since you have command line access to your new server. It mentions making a backup first because the fix deletes all your posts. I know you wanted to hear that.

Comment by rturner · 09/28/2003 11:27 AM
6  rturner wrote:

To follow up, has a link to some good information re: backups. Scrolling down the page, the Repair function looked relatively easy. At this point, you’re probably cursing the Dark Side, but seriously, I think it won’t take too long to fix this. Considering you moved an incredibly complex site, it’s just a hiccup. Once it’s working, I think you’ll be very impressed with MySQL in serving up a fast site filled with big files.

Comment by rturner · 09/28/2003 11:28 AM
7  PhotoDude wrote:

The reason I had to go ahead with the DNS transfer before solving this problem was to gain access to php-myadmin (the config is set for the domain name, not IP number). This morning, a reboot showed the DNS has propagated (at least for me .... and the suggestion above for flushing the dns cache wasn’t working on my system). I immediately went to php-myadmin and ran a “REPAIR” on each of the 15 tables, as that was the one suggestion I’d gotten. But no errors were reported. Running CHECK, ANALYSE, and REPAIR revealed no problems that php-myadmin was willing to tell me about. The MT forums have about eight posts on this topic over the past year or so, none of which seemed to have found a solution (other than the ones I’ve tried). I’ve posted there again hoping for some help, but I’m beginning to think I may have to delete and re-import this weblog. Hey, it’s only 2000 entries and 3000 comments, how much work can it be? (Grrrrrrr) Perversely, I had set up PhotoDude Labs, PixelPile, QuoteLog, and Arbitrary Secondaries within MT before importing the main weblog. They were working fine, and even now, those four weblogs are completely unaffected by this error. I know that eventually MySQL will be my friend (I already see the benefits in speed), but for now, we’re having a hard time getting acquainted.

8  Gary Farber wrote:

Digs look great, Reid. Congrats!

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