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The Daily Whim

Sat. Sep 20, 2003

A Day for Accounting

Anyone who really knows me also knows that lists, statistics, and “counting” are Things Reid Likes. The following was inspired by this from Crystal Lyn, and something that happened 45 years ago today.

Clicking any link below within [brackets] will give you a popup window with a photo.
0[At Rex Hospital]
1[Busted my head chasing pidgeons] (related story)
2[a handful, I’m sure]
3 – The first of [many ties] (that was Susan’s comment while looking through these old pictures; “Look, another suit and tie! What happened to you?”)
4 – Another year, [another tie]
6 – A real slice of Americana, the 1964 portrait of my [first grade class] (I’m on the right, in red vest and bowtie, of course).
7[check out sister’s hair!]
8[Star Trek audition] (hey, we all dressed silly then)
9 – Summers at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, [catchin’ fish]. Well, hangin’ around Sportsman’s Pier while my Granddaddy [caught fish].
10[cub scouts]
11 – Lived in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Revelled in 5 feet of snow, as only a child can.
12 – Went to Gettysburg, my first [photo trip]
13 – Class book reports, [in character] (I’m Patton, with the revolver)
14 – Since I had my [first girlfriend], I also had to have [some wheels].
15 – Called out my high school principal in the local newspaper.
16 – Misplaced virginity (sorry, no photo).
17 – What should have been my Senior year of high school became my [Freshman year at Wake Forest University].
18 – Full time Sophomore, part time DJ at WKZL-FM, Winston-Salem, NC.
19 – Full time DJ at WKZL-FM, ending my time at Wake Forest, and beginning my detour into a Career For The Young.
20 – Graveyard shift, WRBN-FM, Macon/Warner Robins, GA
21 – Program Director [with Playboy Centerfolds] of WRBN-FM, Macon/Warner Robins, GA
22[Got married]. The first time. Got my [first camera].
23 – As Program Director (second-in-command), I outlasted 3 General Manager’s in one year (out of a total of 9 in five years), one of whom fired me, hired me back on 30 days probation, and then got himself fired before that probation was up. Radio was such a blast. Well, other than the Playboy Centerfolds above.
24 – Got separated. I mud wrestled women, played Donkeyball, and got my butt kicked by the Harlem Globetrotters, all in the name of my “job.”
25 – Broke my neck (spiral fracture of the C-2) and got a DUI. In one 18 hour span, I was in an accident, in jail, in court, did an airshift, then went to the ER, who zipped me to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, where the neurosurgeon’s first words to me were “you have a very interesting fracture.” It was a day worthy of Jack Bauer on 24.
26 – Got divorced. Got out of radio. Into photography (breaking your neck can be a life altering experience in more ways than one).
27 – The first part of a two year program at the St. Alban’s Academy for the Visually Illiterate, also known as the Portfolio Center.
28 – Watched yet another relationship spontaneously combust during the Holidays (which was once a disturbing long term trend for me).
29 – Entered the freelance world of advertising photography.
30[Camping] in the Smokies (cue banjo music).
31 – Went to Yosemite for the first time.
32 – Move into a loft. Wonderful space, but very costly.
33 – War and recession make the loft even more expensive.
34 – Adopted [my child]. Called out the President in the local (alternative) newspaper.
35 – Moved out of the expensive loft.
36 – Went back to Yosemite. Became a homeowner. Got blood poisoning. Had knee surgery (torn medial miniscus). Met my future wife, on the night the Braves won the World Series.
37 – Got my first computer. Built my first web page. Covered the Olympics online.
38 – People start paying me to make products.
39 – Went on a spirit walk, Red Rock Road Trip.
40 – Big Boom Times in the photo biz, as well as in web design.
41 – My future wife moves in. I start a weblog (entirely unrelated, I promise).
42 – I get my first digital camera. Launch
43 – A year of darkness and change.
44 – I get married. And a Canon D60, too. Launch PhotoDude Labs.
45 – Don’t know. Starts today. I’ll let you know next year.

Many thanks to Mom and Dad, not only for bringing me into this world, but also for saving all those pictures from decades ago.

Peanut Gallery

1  Andrew Duncalfe wrote:

Happy birthday, Photodude. Here's to another year. *raises glass* Cheers!

2  Emese wrote:

Happy birthday! Loved the trip down memory lane. Playboy centerfolds sure looked different back then.

3  Zack wrote:

Happy Birthday. I like this year list idea.

4  Crystal wrote:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Glad that I could inspire a list as wonderful as this. :) Hope this next year is even more wonderful!

5  Susan wrote:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! You get better with age! (you were so cute - no wonder I fell in Love with you.) And a HUGE Thank You to your Parents - they raised a wonderful child who has become a remarkable man! Love, ME

Comment by Susan · 09/28/2003 02:05 PM
6  John wrote:

The list idea rocks. Hope you have many more things to add in future years and have some photo fun today.

7  PhotoDude wrote:

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. But I notice none of you left an explanation of when your present will be arriving. Ah, well, a simple oversight, I'm sure. Yes, Emese, Playboy Centerfolds did look different in the late 70's, but that was the era of leisure suits, mood rings, 4 inch wide collars on shirts left half unbuttoned to reveal a handful of gold chains, and other fashion atrocities. I mean, look at the shirt I'm wearing. That's how I chose to “dress up” to meet Playboy Bunnies! And Crystal, everyone seems to love your list idea, so I'm happy to spread the meme. I had a lot of fun putting it together (with the specially requested help of The Woman Who Saves Everything, my mom) and going through a lot of old pictures that didn't make the cut. However, I also was unable to find a particular trove of pictures from my radio days along with some bizarre on-set polaroids from the early photo years. So I can see this will be an ongoing project, not just to add whatever happens during Year 45, but to fill in some gaps in previous years. It's a nice little format to record a mini-photo album of your life, and the perfect thing to add to your "About" page. So even though I cannot remember exactly how I stumbled onto Crystal's list (it was months ago), I'm glad I did.

8  Lil' Sis LeeAnn wrote:

Happy Birthday, Bro!! Watch the "check out sister's hair!" comment - guess I was getting ready for my 1980's "big hair". Just remember that you'll always be 5 years older than me!

Comment by Lil' Sis LeeAnn · 09/28/2003 02:07 PM
9  rturner wrote:

Happy Birthday! And keep the old shots coming. Of course, there was probably never a photographer around for some of the best shots. (At least in my neck of the woods.) I didn't see a link to the Vermont show shot (?) Last time I was there ('76) it was one of the most beautiful states I'd ever seen in the winter.

Comment by rturner · 09/28/2003 02:07 PM
10  PhotoDude wrote:

Your 1980's Big Hair? Yep, Sis, I've got a shot of that, too. Our Beloved Mother sent me a big box of old pictures, including many family picures from the 60's. Going through them, I realized that I could make a whole web page just out of the fun shots I have of you ... in your distant youth. When I mentioned this to Susan, and she saw the ammunition I've got, she said, "please don't, I'd like for y'all to remain on speaking terms." Spoil sport. And Richard, there are a couple of shots of the snow in Vermont that I remember, but I don't have them here (as I said, this will be an ongoing thing, I'm, sure). The only day that school ever closed for snow in Vermont was when there was two feet on the ground, and then an additonal 3 feet fell in 24 hours. 5 feet of snow, and school closed for one day. In Atlanta, the mere rumor of snowflakes can cause schools to close for a day.

11  Noah wrote:

A wonderful list - looks like we had the same first camera (not the first I ever used, but the Minolta was the first that was all mine, anyway - which, of course, is what counts). Happy birthday, friend.

12  Zacl wrote:

Seems like your first camera looks remarkably similar to mine. I had a Minolta SLR too. I can't recall the model but it was from the mid-70s. I got it from my dad. It's funny seeing pictures of people 10-20 years older. You guys grew up during the 60s and 70s and the atrocious fashion sense of the time makes me laugh. What were you guys thinking? You have got me thinking about putting up an "About me" page with this list idea. Only problem is most of my childhood photos are half a world away.

13  John wrote:

Many happy returns of the day, Reid!

14  PhotoDude wrote:

My first camera was a Minolta XG-1, given to me by my ex-wife over two decades ago. Once I was well into my Canon system in the late 80's, I returned it to her, since she was camera-less.

Comment by PhotoDude · 09/28/2003 02:37 PM
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