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The Daily Whim

Tue. Sep 02, 2003

Technical Trauma Leads to Time Travel

Technical Trauma Leads to Time Travel – It wasn’t a totally calm holiday weekend here at Bunker PD. But I think I’m handling it very well. So far. My only request was that my wife bring home some orange juice to slightly discolor the vodka in the large drink I intended to create and quaff. And I asked nicely.

I’m reminded of the joke about the guy arrived at work one day looking spooked, and when asked why, he said, “when I got up this morning and put on my shoes, the shoestring broke off. Then when I picked up my briefcase to leave, the handle came off. Now, I’m afraid to go to the bathroom.” It was that kind of weekend.

Things were calm Friday night. It was the beginning of a holiday weekend, the wife came home early from work, and was pleased not to catch me in mid-mischief. And when we had one of those “clearing storm” kind of sunsets, I stepped out onto our balcony and took some pictures. After a quick review of what I’d shot, I turned the camera off and placed it in the middle of the dining room table.

And that’s where it was when I picked it up Saturday morning, intending to do a quick shot. But when I switched it on, there was no “on.” The LCD just stared blankly at me. Thinking the battery must have totally crapped out overnight, I put in a fresh one. Still no on. So I hooked up the AC power adaptor. The on switch might as well have been mounted on a brick rather than a Canon D60, for all the effect it had. I tried a different lens, and a different card (the images from Friday night were all fine and normal), I even “let it rest,” but no matter what I tried, the brick could not achieve an on state.

I calmly resigned myself to a trip to the Camera Hospital today. I was able to do that calmly because it’s under warranty, and I’m familiar with the company that will do the work. They’re good and fairly fast. So I’m standing there Saturday afternoon, trying to “look at the sunny side,” while a summer storm blasts outside.

While standing there, lightning strikes nearby. With the clap of thunder, my eye is caught by a bright red light that suddenly popped up in my peripheral vision. It’s on my DSL modem, and it says “Line Error.” It stays red for a couple of seconds, and then that lovely green light that represents synch to the Internet turned an ugly flashing red. It’s been that way ever since, and I must wait for BellSouth to grace me with their presence on Thursday.

I’ve got no digital camera. I’m connected to the Internet via a slow and nasty sounding analog device.

It’s like 1999 all over again. I feel like I’m caught in a time warp. It’s all so … primitive.

Later: The Camera Hospital that I said was “good and fairly fast” is indeed that … on old tech photo gear. However, when I arrived they informed me that my complex digital darling requires the aid of specialists at the Canon Intensive Care Unit. Prognosis: 3 to 4 weeks. Honey, bring home more orange juice. Please.

Peanut Gallery

1  rturner wrote:

I remember reading an article in 1997 or so describing a new technology over phone lines called ADSL that would allow speeds of over 1 mbps. The article went on to say that the same thing could be accomplished over cable television lines that would bring in speeds of over 6 mbps. At the time the article had a similar impact on me as if it said that in 20 years routine space travel and visitors from neighboring solar systems would be commonplace. A few years earlier when I told a support tech that I had one of the new 14,400 modems he asked, "what do you need all that speed for?". I know. That doesn't help one iota. Around here it's the weekly neighborhood blackout, usually happening on Saturday or Sunday night, where everyone's power goes out until about 2 am. It's happening every week and my guess is they built too many homes for the existing power grid out here. It does sound like a line problem, unless your modem got zapped. The BS techs are pretty good; too bad you have to wait until Thursday, though.

Comment by rturner · 09/27/2003 11:06 PM
2  PhotoDude wrote:

Oh, I got that story immediately from the first Earthlink tech: “I'm gonna RMA you a new modem, yours is fried.” I explained the modem was responding in the exact same manner it had when I lost synch last February ... when BellSouth regroomed the lines in my area. Only some persistent prodding finally got him to pass me up the line. They were able to get BellSouth to do some type of extremely slow speed synch test, and the modem gave a green light. It's not fried. But they were unable to up the speed from there. Thus, a truck roll Thursday. And that's quicker than I'll get my camera back. September: The Month of Patience.

3  Zack wrote:

Good luck. Look at the bright side. At least you didn't lose your camera a few days before your France vacation. Happened to me last year. I had to dig up my old point & shoot film camera. I did try to fast-track everything but it wasn't enough. UPS delivered the repaired camera back the day after we flew out.

4  Rick wrote:

Sorry to hear about your time warp. I'm sorry if I can't relate, when my DSL went out, I thought the 35 minutes I had to wait for the tech to show up to my house was a bit long, but I guess us Yankees are known for our impatience...and a few other things I'm sure I don't need to mention. I hope you get your camara back sooner than expected.

Comment by Rick · 09/27/2003 11:08 PM
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