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Thu. Aug 28, 2003

James Lileks Gets Dropped On His Head

James Lileks Gets Dropped On His Head – When I was very young, I once chased some pigeons on the grounds of the Capitol in Raleigh, NC. During the chase, I tripped over a 1/16 inch deep crack in the sidewalk, as those who are two-ish are wont to do, and landed full square on my forehead. It was the classic “he wuz dropped on his head as a child,” except I’d done it to myself.

As a result of this early brain damage, 15 years later I left college for a career in radio. By the age of 26, my IQ had recovered sufficiently that I decided to leave the beastly profession.

Now it appears that James Lileks has suffered a severe blow to the head, though much later in life: “I think I might return to radio.”

You know, his wife and child were gone for several days, so there’s no telling how it might have happened; rising too quickly while under the desk trying to get the DSL wires to mate happily and make little green lights, or a severe head butt during horseplay with the dog. Perhaps it was “The big quarterly box of Amazonia [that] had arrived a few days before” that fell and bashed his pumpkin.

It’s hard to say, but the symptoms are clear. He’s recently talked of splitting headaches, busting his glasses in half, and he’s been watching “The Omega Man.” He even admits, “I look like a dork when I have the headphones on.” And yet, he proceeds.

He’s obviously already working up topic positions for the show: “ I think my tax money should go to our local wading pools instead of subsidizing television stations in other states.”

The only mitigating factor in his favor may be that … as of now … he plans on doing radio via the web rather than by standard radio wave transmissions. There haven’t been any studies done to my knowledge, but it’s possible that proximity to the transmitter is what agitates those in the business. Streaming broadcasts over the web may not have the same detrimental impact.

However, some of us tremble at the detrimental impact this news might have on our daily lives: “But that means the end of the Backfence, and the end of the Bleat.”

There may be trouble in Jasperwood tonight, as the streets fill with black garbed protesters carrying creative signs. They might even trash the Amazon Store.

This could be worse than when Dylan went electric.

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I'm with you on this one BIG TIME Reid! We've got to save him. My own personal plaint is at:

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