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The Daily Whim

Thu. Aug 21, 2003

P2P Jihad

P2P Jihad – In a comment, Combustible Boy points me to a press release. You might think it’s just another answer to another lawsuit by the RIAA/MPAA, but this one has a unique twist: “Earthstation 5 is at war with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Record Association of America (RIAA), and to make our point very clear that their governing laws and policys have absolutely no meaning to us here in Palestine, we will continue to add even more movies for FREE. [...] Earth Station 5 is located both in Gaza and in the Jenin Refugee Camp of Palestine. Ras Kabir’s warning to the RIAA and the MPAA, ’The next revolution in P2P file sharing is upon you. Resistance is futile and we are now in control’.”

Oh, my. Jihad against the RIAA and MPAA!

Peanut Gallery

1  Rick wrote:

Somehow, this just doesn't have any appeal to me.

Comment by Rick · 08/21/2003 09:09 PM
2  Andrew Duncalfe wrote:

It's funny how different people will simultaneously (or almost simultaneously) pick up on the same subject- I just came from a friend's site, who also pointed to this press release. I took a look at this Earthstation 5 site, and it's a rather curious company. Islamist Jihad doesn't seem to factor into its philosophy- I think they're more about getting entertainment industry product for free. I'm wondering where it gets its income from, since the website claims that there is no spyware, adware or popup ads involved in the client.

3   wrote:

Its still theft though...

Comment by · 08/23/2003 01:04 AM
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