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Sat. Aug 09, 2003

Who D'King?

Who D’King? – (via Instapundit) I got chastised recently for referring to Rush Limbaugh as “Lush Windbag.” I’ll admit, the first half may have no basis, but as for the second half, I offer as evidence Exhibit 9,946, Limbaugh on Bloggers: “A blogger is a citizen who gets a website and just opines on various topics unrealted to politics.”

A blogger also often doesn’t see a simple spell check as unrelated to clear communication. But, hey, I’m not at the pinnacle of the communications business, so what do I know? After all, I was under the impression I often “opined” about politics (among other related things) in this here blog (as do thousands of others), but again, I’m just a rank demi-ditto.

“A friend of mine defined the term, derived from ‘web log,’ as ‘a nerd with a journalist degree and no social life who spends most days and all nights writing e-mails to himself and his friends in hopes of attracting attention from traditional media outlets.’ ”

How convenient to have such friends with snide remarks you can quote without taking on as your own. Here in Blogdom, we make and claim our own snarky comments.

“Many people write that bloggers are the Next Big Thing. Liberals, forever in search of something to kill talk radio, think Bloggers will return them to their positions of unquestioned power in the arena of ideas. But nothing is going to supplant talk radio because talk radio isn’t going to cede the territory it now holds.”

[Sound of Reid tuning radio dial to more agreeable static] Good Golly, you could start Rush on the topic of the 2008 Olympics going to China, and within two paragraphs he can turn it into a Liberal Plot that will surely fail before the might of his rightish intellect and its immense society shifting wake.

Some bloggers have gotten a bit indignant over the source article Rush references, which some might take as a sign of inflated self importance on the part of some bloggers. The root question of what impact blogs will have on the coming election is clearly yet to be determined. But when it comes to the question of who is the King of Inflated Self Importance, well, ’scuse me while I roll up my pants, because it’s about to get deep in here…

“Some have tried, and some have gotten close, but no one has ever done anything like this.”

Sorry, my ditto-loving friends, he may not be Lush, but that is the self-gushing sound of One Immense Windbag.

Peanut Gallery

1  PhotoDude wrote:

And if you can name the band connected to the entry title, you get a discount on your next visit!

2  Jensen wrote:

A blogger is a citizen who gets a website and just opines on various topics unrealted to politics. If you listen to the audio link, he says "not all bloggers are political, by the way, but we're talking about the political ones" Although I think his comments on blogging are stupid, it is nowhere near as bad as O'Reilly

Comment by Jensen · 08/11/2003 04:59 AM
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