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Fri. Apr 11, 2003

The Legacy of the Information Minister

The Legacy of the Information Minister – Since I was recently severely chastised for making fun of him, and in doing so somehow degrading the efforts of our troops (“That kind of petty name-calling takes away from the grief, heartbreak, and compassion that we feel for our troops and all those who are really involved in this war, and diverts our focus from the fact that they are still in grave danger.”), from now on I will leave the critique of The Minister Formerly Known As Frenchy to actual military personnel.

From Sgt. Stryker: “Today, I asked one of my Airmen why he left his tools scattered all over the airplane instead of keeping them in one place or in his toolbox. He replied, ’There are no tools on this plane!’”

“I pointed out the tools to him. ’By Allah, I swear there are no tools within a hundred miles of this aircraft! These are lies of the American louts!’”

“I physically pointed his body in the direction of an errant tool. Still, he persisted, ’You are too far from reality! These are tricks the infidel play on the heroic sons of the flightline to put fear in our hearts! They are tricks and we have discovered their ways and we will sacrifice our hammers for the jihad!’”

Sarge doesn’t call him Frenchy. He calls him “Skippy.”

I’m also just hearing about the deck of cards distributed to our troops that contain photos of wanted Iraqi leadership figures. Since they are actual playing cards, each figure has a corresponding card, e.g., Saddam is the Ace of Spades. They just mentioned that the Iraqi Information Minister is not among the 52 cards, and at the risk of “diverting focus,” I’d like to point out there is still a prime card left to place his picture on.

The Joker.

Later: Oh, my, even The Guardian is making fun of him.

Peanut Gallery

1  bomb wrote:

Heres the cards in PDF format... click to view - opens in a new window Education through entertainment...a wonderful idea.

Comment by bomb · 04/12/2003 01:11 AM
2  Paul wrote:

Dude, the Cairo Times totally plagiarized you: A star is born Indeed it seems like the only appropriate ending for this televised point-counterpoint would be for a US tank to roll by in the background of one of Sahhaf’s live shots with a soldier holding up a "Hi mom" sign.

3  PhotoDude wrote:

It's a shame Saturday Night Live didn't do the same. It would have been better than the totally lame bit they just did on "Weekend Update." I mean, Good Golly, for those folks, "Skippy" represented a big fat softball limply tossed right over the plate, and the best they could come up with was a foul tip.

4  PhotoDude wrote:

OK, I'll give 'em back some bonus points for skewering Aaron Brown so deftly. That was .... dead on.

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