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Tue. Apr 01, 2003

Who Armed Iraq?

Who Armed Iraq? – (via Command Post) From a letter to the Times Online: “In the key period between 1973-91 the US exported a mere $5 million of weapons to Iraq; more reprehensibly the UK sold $330 million-worth of arms. Of much greater interest are the arms export totals to Iraq of the four countries most against military action: Germany with $995 million, China $5,500 million, France $9,240 million, and the Russians a massive $31,800 million. So the claim that we armed Saddam has to be treated with a degree of care, particularly by those who would award the moral high ground in this debate to the leaders of nations such as Germany, France and Russia.”

Indeed, this chart makes it graphically clear: the countries who most opposed this war (with the exception of Germany) are those who’ve sold Iraq the most weapons over the past 30 years.

Peanut Gallery

1  SusanO wrote:

So whom do *we* sell arms to?

Comment by SusanO · 04/01/2003 07:58 PM
2  PhotoDude wrote:

Well, not that I'm trying to be a smartass (it comes naturally), but when I have a question like that, I Google it. And end up somewhere like this. In about 10 seconds.

3   wrote:

Do they eat pita in iraq?

Comment by · 04/02/2003 02:45 AM
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