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Tue. Apr 01, 2003

The Enemy We Face, Pt. 4

The Enemy We Face, Pt. 4 – (earlier, parts 1, 2, 3) From Sky News: “Fanatical pro-Saddam Hussein fighters are shooting children in and around Basra, fleeing civilians told British forces. One mother told British medics her 12-year-old son was among dozens of youngsters gunned down by death squads [...] The ship’s interpreter, Lieutenant Commander Nigel Bassett, said: ’His mother says he was definitely shot by Iraqis and there were another group of children in the same place who were all gunned down by Iraqis. It seems there was an area of the town where people were leaving or going to get food to assist the coalition and there was a group of tearaways who came in and started indiscriminately shooting, trying to teach people not to co-operate.’”

More from Sky News: “A major arms cache has been found at a primary school in the southern town of Al Zubayr according to British military officials.”

From The Sydney Morning Herald: “Soldiers in Hindiyah, a key Euphrates river crossing about 80 km south of Baghdad, said they saw pick-up trucks with children interspersed among Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s Fedayeen fighters before the attack began early yesterday, according to field reports.”

From AFP: “Three US troops were wounded , one seriously, after Iraqi soldiers used a Red Crescent ambulance to stage an attack in southern Iraq, an AFP correspondent reported. The Iraqi troops in Monday opened fire on a group of American soldiers who had approached the ambulance at a town north of Nasiriyah.”

Peanut Gallery

1  Suspicious wrote:

I hope serious consideration has been given by the leaders of the coalition to the possibility that "So-Damn-Insane" may have built MMDs into his recently-constructed mosques (especially the one he named after himself in his maniacal narcisism. It's spiers look suspiciously missile-like, and it would be typical of him to hide weapons in sacred places).

Comment by Suspicious · 04/04/2003 06:53 PM
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