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Thu. Nov 28, 2002

Your side is, unfortunately, the Enemy

Your side is, unfortunately, the Enemy – It comes from the left, and it comes from the right. “Your politics are different from mine. Therefore, you are the Enemy, and I shall deny you my precious ‘Linky-Love’”

The title of this entry comes from this quote: “We are at War—as much with Liberals as we are with Islamist terrorists. Your side is, unfortunately, the Enemy. Which is why you see Democrats like Cythnia McKinney actually supported by Islamists and the same Islamists who fund terrorism.”

Excuse me, please, but here in Ga. District 4, we replaced Cynthia McKinney with a woman who supports the war on terror. She even voted for Alan Keyes in the 2000 election. You might even say Denise Majette was Cynthia McKinney’s “enemy” (Cynthia certainly would).

She’s also a Democrat. A damn fine one. Yes, I voted Democrat. Go ahead and delink me.

From the weblog debates, er, I mean, delinking, you’d think we didn’t live in a free country, where people can exercise their political rights in any legal way. You’d think it wasn’t the foundation of this country. You’d think this country was started by two closed minded parties, “at war” from Day One. You’d think we were in the middle of a developing Uncivil War, fueled by fear of “those who are different.” The Enemy.

Of course, you have the right to do whatever you want with your weblog, and your politics. You also have the right to look damn foolish doing so. You can very quickly become very similar to the very thing you hate.

Isolationism. That’s what Al Qaeda wants to drive us into. They don’t even need to try hard, because some are doing it to themselves, within their politics, within their own web logs.

Keep it up, Americans! (oops, sorry, that’s too broad a term these days … it doesn’t fit for some people, you’re either Us or Them).

Peanut Gallery

I have your blog permalinked but if you like, I'll gladly delink you because you wouldn't want an "intolerant bigot" like me for a link pal, would you? Oh, and thanks a lot, for taking Wilde's word for what happened and not bothering to find out if there was "another side." For someone who purports to hearing all sides of an argument and keeping an open mind, your mind is certainly closed against me.

2  PhotoDude wrote:

“I have your blog permalinked but if you like, I'll gladly delink you because you wouldn't want an 'intolerant bigot' like me for a link pal, would you?” Where did I call you an “intolerant bigot” (or even mention your name), as your quotation marks imply? Nowhere. You may link me, or not link me, it's your weblog, but if your basis for such a linkage is Republican purity, I fail. But then, so would Sen. John McCain. “Oh, and thanks a lot, for taking Wilde's word for what happened and not bothering to find out if there was 'another side.' ” I did try. As others noted, the entries/comments in question in your web log had been deleted. That's your right, but then you can hardly claim I didn't look for the other side. Whatever there might have been to see of the original exchange had dissappeared. “For someone who purports to pay allegiance to hearing all sides of an argument and keeping an open mind, your mind is certainly closed against me.” Well, I read your responding entries and comments today, and they seem to merely reinforce what has gone before. You say, “I blog my heart out here day after day and I make it a point of personal honor to always tell the truth and be honest, yet I am being vilified up and down the 'blogosphere' for admitting that I have my preferences and my loyalties.” In my opinion, the cause is just as much your rhetoric as any "preference display": “ attempt to censor me on my own blog [...] Wilde, I'm sorry you took so long to make an answer--which I regret to say I'm really not interested in reading [...] We are at War--as much with Liberals as we are with Islamist terrorists.” So, when someone disagrees with you in your comments, they are attempting to censor you? Then remove the comments capability if you don't want to be challenged on your words. And when someone puts forth a genuine effort to explain their view, and respectfully asks for you to think it over, you respond that you wish they hadn't written such a long letter, as you don't care to read it. In my upbringing, that's rude. Closed minded. But it's your right. However, what I really want to know is, since you're at war with Liberals just like the Islamists, should they be hunted down and killed by Hellfire missiles from Predator drones? You show no consideration that they might be your fellow Americans, and therefore not an "Enemy" on whom you wage war like you would Al Qaeda. Since you can't kill them, you might try learning to deal with them in some way other than "waging war." “The only thing I've learned is that many of my fellow bloggers on the self-styled 'Right' are only too eager to pay lip service to tolerance out of one side of their mouths, while intolerantly roasting me for this thought crime out of the other side.” My entry begins, “It comes from the left, and it comes from the right.” This is the third time I've talked about this topic, and I've been quite consistent, so you shouldn't feel so persecuted. But you can't have it both ways. You condemn the “self-styled 'Right' ” for “intolerantly roasting” you, but then you claim, “If I end GJ, it will mean that Wilde has 'won' and that the Dimocrat Politics of Personal Destruction work once again.” So, is the the Dimocrats or the self-styled Right who are roasting you? If it appears both sides strongly disagree with you, for many people that might be a signal to rethink your position. But you retreat to your redoubt of rhetoric: “You've allowed Wilde, in the space of a few short days, to reshape the Blogosphere into a self-censoring *cocoon* of 'Centrist' Gruppedenke, the Nazis' term for Group Think.” “You've allowed Wilde...” implies you had no part in this, made no causative act of any type, and are just a victim of a Dimocratic drive-by. You further imply that this one person, by himself, has reshaped the entire Blogosphere (hundreds of thousands of web sites), “in the space of a few short days.” If that's true, you never had a chance. None of us do. He's far too powerful for even Instapundit. You then project your own act of “self-censorship” onto others, and throw in a closing Nazi reference for good measure. And you wonder why your words generate such heated reply? Over the top rhetoric including the waging of war, claims of censorship, and even Nazis, tends to generate an equal and opposite response. It's the old schoolyard principle ... if you're going to dish it out, you'd best be prepared to take it. It's my opinion this recent rash of delinking is detrimental to all, despite people's inherent right to do what they want on their site. So when I encounter it, I speak out about it. You're not the first time, or even the second. And I'm certain you won't be the last.

3  Paul wrote:

It's interesting that someone whose basic schtick is, "I'm right and you're: A. Stupid B. The Enemy C. Cowardly" suddenly plays the melodramatic martyr bit when given shit for displaying the same sort of stupidity they themselves rail against with regularity. The amazing thing is they're so damned stupid that you don't even have to goad them into raving lunacy. They hang themselves in public for you and provide the rope. And that's a key word: Public. This isn't a private diary. It's published to the world and you should expect to recieve the same criticism you dole out without wetting your pants and crying, "Why are you picking on me!?" You are not above criticism; and hiding under that threadbare blanket of, "But it's my site and I can do what I want!" is the last pathetic defense of the craven. No shit you can do what you want. But if it's public, you're open game as are the public words of your most dread enemies. Especially if you're an idiot. One can only pray that you step upon an errant lego in the middle of the night, and in the ensuing hop-hop-hop as the pain shoots up your leg, you slip and knock the ignorance out of your head by aquainting the bedpost with your temple on the way down. Pray for it soon before you make as much a mockery of yourself in real life as you've done on the Internet. What's even more delicious is the pure unintentional irony of the situation. You have no idea that you're absolutely no different than the "Dimocrats" you spat at. Even toddlers know when they're looking in a mirror.

4  Michael Orris wrote:

Your blog, do with it what you will. While a good argument and public censuring is fun to watch, I think the whole argument is silly. Not the debaters (though they actually may be), just the argument.

5  Andrea Harris wrote:

Not to mention, if Jennie thinks she can rewrite the incident to make it look as if Wilde came after her with a metaphorical torch, she's being disingenuous in the extreme. I did read the comments on her site that started the whole thing, and there was no "other side of the story". Wilde has reproduced all of the deleted comments, his and hers, unedited on his site. Of course, you'll have to take mine and his word for it as Jennie, in a truly cowardly move, deleted the comments from her own site.

6  PhotoDude wrote:

Well, Andrea, I believe you. And anyone who reads this entry will just have to believe me, as the link to the entry above now says, "I deleted this post--doesn't happen often!--due to ennui, nausea and a sudden onset of maturity and perspective! I could give a rat's *ss about delinking!" She's also trashed all comments: "I *don't* want Leftist Liberal invective, vitriol and verbal abuse disguised as "feedback!" I don't want to hear The Other SideŽD.N.C.! I'm not even really interested in the "Centrist" Middle and if you're smart, you won't be either. I don't care if you call yourself a "Conservative" Dimocrat or a "Liberal" Republican: I call you an IDIOT. Take it outside and don't come back!" In fact, it looks like all entries related to this brouhaha have been deleted ... "Post deleted--a rare occurrence--". You can stand behind your words ... or you can delete them and pretend it never happened. And it would appear I've been delinked as well.

7  Andrea Harris wrote:

Well, if she wants to be a big, famous "Online Journalist" then she's going about it the right way -- journalists, as opposed to us peon bloggers, don't let the rabble opine on their august words. Betcha the email link will be the next to go.

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