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The Daily Whim

Sat. Oct 26, 2002

Gone Honeymoonin'

Gone Honeymoonin’ – The Blogosphere isn’t quite the investigative machine some think it is. All the evidence was there. The dots were all laid out over the course of weeks and weeks, in a quite taunting manner; ”Catch us if you can!”

You were given the date and time (geez, I even titled it ”October Surprise”!?!), the location (”In This Church”), the mandate (”With This Ring”), the attire (front center tux), and other vital clues (”Macro Arch”, ”One Stop Shopping,” ”Tulle Bags,” ”Fifty-Two and Blue”). In the days beforehand, there was increased chatter, plus there were planning documents and an incriminating map waiting to be found.

But in the face of nearly overwhelming evidence, no one connected the dots! Well, that’s not totally accurate, as a couple of people did find a dot (singular). On Sept. 26, paradox said, ”what a beautiful ring, must belong to a lucky girl,” but there was no connection to any wedding, or even to a particular ”girl.” And Jeff McCann left a comment here on October 1 … ”Looks like a wedding invitation to me… Congrats to someone!”. But having made the mistake of stepping forward alone with just one dot, and with no direct accusation made or secondary corroboration offered, he was ruthlessly silenced (oops, server glitch ate that comment! ... all is fair in love and war). In the end, the element of surprise was maintained. Today at 3pm, Susan and I got married.

Reid and Susan Stott, October 26, 2002
photo by LeeAnn ”lil’ sis’” Doyle
more photos here and here

We both wanted a very small ceremony, heavy on simplicity and sincerity, with just immediate family and a couple of close friends. You see, we’ve both been around the Marriage Block before, and felt many of the normal trappings and hub-bub just weren’t necessary. No registries, no bridal shower, no batchelor party … been there, done that.

We debated announcing it here when we set the date back in late August, but decided it might complicate things. People begin to wonder when their invitation will arrive, or feel obligated to send a gift. We didn’t want 200 guests and eight new blenders, we’re just too old for all that. We already combined households three years ago, and have a storage unit as a result, so ”more stuff” is not needed. We just wanted a small and simple ceremony. So we decided to make the announcement the day it happened, and hope no one would be offended.

And, of course, I couldn’t resist playing a little prank on the entire Blogosphere a part of the deal. A groom has to be involved in the wedding planning process in whatever way he is allowed can.

So now we’re off to an undisclosed location far from Dick Cheney, and, of course, we’re not free to share any operational details. You’ll just have to trust us to do our duty.

And while we’re gone, you can contemplate the complete failure of your powers of observation and deduction.

Peanut Gallery

1  Tim Peck wrote:

Congratulations, friend.

2  Noah (and David) wrote:

...pardon me while I pick my jaw off the floor (damn you for that prank!). Heartfelt congratulations and blessings from two grooms-to-be.

3  Lisa wrote:

Ho`omaika`i! If "far from Dick Cheney" means Hawai`i, I'd love to give my congratulations personally :)

4  resonance wrote:

Reid, Congrats, photodude. Have a great honeymoon.

5  john wrote:

Congratulations and wishes for a long and loving life together.

6  John wrote:

Well, jeez, no wonder you've been so farking busy... Congratulations to both of you! Long life and happiness!

7  Rachel wrote:

From one newly wed to another, many many Congratulations!

8  Mel wrote:

How perfect! The best of everything to you both!

Comment by Mel · 10/27/2002 09:27 AM
9  Jeff wrote:

Photodude, I knew it all along! I just didn't want to ruin the surprise, that's all... :) Congratulations to you both... may your lives continue to be filled with love and happiness!

10  Paul wrote:

I knew it all along.... *compulsive liar* Happy getting married, and happy honeymoon!

11  louis wrote:


12  michele wrote:

Doh! Heartfelt congratulations to both of you, from another newlywed. Here's to many years of love, friendship and good times.

13  alba wrote:

wonderful news, congratulations! i wish you the best on the start of your beautiful journey together.

14  chrys wrote:

congrats ya sneaky devil!

15  Dugulous wrote:

Live long and prosper!

16  Michael T wrote:

Congratulations and I hope that you both will be very happy together!

Comment by Michael T · 10/28/2002 05:29 PM
17  Misanthropyst wrote:

Quite the prank. Well done! And mazel tov!

18  Terrance wrote:

Beware, Dick Cheney's specialization is "undisclosed locations"...

Comment by Terrance · 10/29/2002 05:03 AM
19  Ray Clutts wrote:

Congratulations! Live long and prosper.

20  PJ wrote:


Comment by PJ · 10/29/2002 02:57 PM
21  Mark wrote:

Congratulations to both of you and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Comment by Mark · 10/29/2002 03:15 PM
22  jeanne a e devoto wrote:

Heh heh. Congratulations and felicitations!

23  Andrea Harris wrote:


24  michael kapsalakis wrote:

Super dooper.BTW,you look nothing like I thought you would.(long time resident of Smokerise).Good luck,good karma!Regards,MLK

25  Kathy K wrote:


26  Janet wrote:

What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations!!

27  Steve Barton wrote:

Congratulations to you both from Dunwoody! I had that beautiful, golden, ring picture as the wallpaper on my kitchen computer for two weeks. (I sensed that it was not a normal subject, but nothing more flickered through my brain housing group!) I think the champagne flute pic will go up next. All the best!

28  Mike wrote:

Actually "The Cheney" is about two hours north of Atlanta today in Chattanooga. So it could be a possibility.

29  Jerry D. wrote:

The best to you both, always.

30  nina wrote:

allow me to join in the other fellow net'ers and say CONGRATS!!! to you both. You both looked wonderfully happy! :) Congrats again!! It looked like a beautiful affair.

31  Jeff Johnson wrote:

Wow - i take a short vacation ( pull the plug and go to nashville for some music and film )and surf to find this! amazing. Congrats to a fine couple. all my best to you. -- jeff

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