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Sat. Oct 12, 2002

No Blue Food

No Blue Food – James Lileks and his daughter explore the spectrum of food colors: "At the grocery store today Gnat wanted some cheese, and I found some string cheese in unusual colors, blues and greens not found in nature’s rich palette. I handed the package to Gnat, who said ’It has monsters on it.’ [..] So we not only have ’Monsters, Inc.’ promotional string cheese, we have string cheese whose hue is the same unnatural colors found in the movie. Given the problems some publishers have matching output to the actual image, I can only marvel at how they managed to get perfect color-matched output in the medium of dairy products. Maybe it’s as simple as feeding the cows Pantone strips."

As George Carlin noted long ago, ”I often wonder why there’s no blue food. Every other color in well represented in the food kingdom. And don’t bother me with blueberries; they’re purple. The same is true with blue corn and blue potatoes. They’re purple. Blue cheese? Nice try. It’s actually white cheese with blue mold. Occasionally, you might run across some blue Jell-o in a cafeteria. Don’t eat it. It wasn’t supposed to be blue. Something went wrong.”

Yet Modern Mass Marketing has evolved to the point they can give you almost any food product in almost any color. But try to get some moderately accurate 4×6 color prints at the drugstore.

Peanut Gallery

1  Neptune wrote:

thank you so much for your comment on blue jello. you have just given a bunch of grade 9s soem inspiration for their project on making an edible planet of Neptune.

Comment by Neptune · 05/30/2003 05:02 PM
2  PhotoDude wrote:

This is why I love the Internet. You never know what some random comment will inspire in others. Like, an edible Neptune made of blue jello. However, you must include a footnote somewhere in your project that Neptune was created with artificial coloring, because, of course, there is no blue food.

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