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Sat. Aug 24, 2002

Florida Man Plotted Mosque Attacks

Florida Man Plotted Mosque Attacks"A Florida doctor arrested after police found more than 15 homemade explosive devices in his home drafted a detailed plan to blow up a Muslim educational center, investigators said Friday [...] Attached to the criminal complaint against Goldstein was a three-page ’mission template’ for an attack on an unidentified ’Islam education center,’ which included a map of the center showing where bombs would be placed [...] The document said the objective was to ’Kill all ’rags’ at this Islamic Education Center—ZERO residual presence—maximum effect.’ "

It’s important that people like this be put under the jail. It’s important for American’s to speak up and say, ”put this guy under the jail.” Perhaps most especially for those Americans who call on Muslims to condemn violent acts against innocents.

A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist.

Peanut Gallery

1  Joel Rosenberg wrote:

Sure. And here's where, if the would-be killer were an Islamofascist terrorist, would go the "but..." as in "but, you've got to understand what drove him to this." I think we can all skip that. (Still, there are some strange things about the story, down to some of the weapons seized -- a Barret? What the hell was this guy doing with a Barret? -- and the nature of the wife's complaint that make me wonder if this isn't more about schizophrenia than terrorism. That is, of course, a possible explanation, and not an excuse.) ________________ * The Barret is a terribly expensive rifle, with just about no utility -- outside of a combat zone -- other than very long range recreational shooting. Military snipers use it; it's a long-range sniper's weapon. Other than that, it's basically a rich man's toy. It'd be kind of a handy varmint rifle -- if you've got a prairie infested by elephants, but . . .

2  PhotoDude wrote:

I think there may be some evidence the guy has some serious mental issues. I think there may have also been some serious mental issues among the majority of the hijackers and suicide attackers of this world. As you say, it's hardly an excuse.

3  Jack wrote:

If he had been an Arab or any other ethnicity, it would have made major news headlines across the country. No major newspaper in the northeast carried the story. With September 11th coming up I find that very odd.

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